Hello fellow walkers! Walking is about the ONLY exercise I have engaged in since California’s Stay-At-Home order on Friday, March 20. Believe me, I am happy and grateful to walk outside in my neighborhood, and my dogs never complain, but why does it feel like it’s been longer than 9 days?

Walking two dogs

Thankfully, we can ride our bikes on the nearby bike trail, which I did last Sunday. Lots of people were enjoying the glorious sunny day, walking, bicycling or running. It is easy to maintain 6 feet of social distancing here.

As part of our three-week road trip in December and early January, we spent the last leg of the trip in Las Vegas. My brother lives there now so we spent time with him and his partner. They had not yet visited the Valley of Fire State Park, and we were happy to re-visit and show them the sights.

Our first stop was to the Visitor’s Center at the west entrance to the park (only $10 per car) to grab a brochure and map of the area. It can take up to two days to see everything. Just driving through all the red rocks is quite stunning.

Hello from Valley of Fire
Canyon Drive
Driving through Valley of Fire

The first area to visit, because it gets busy, is the White Domes area that is also home to the slot canyon.

Red Rocks Nevada
White Domes Area

I played around with some photo-editing of the image of me walking into the entrance of the slot canyon, camera at-the-ready.

Ready for the Slot Canyon in Valley of Fire
Walking into the Slot Canyon in Valley of Fire

I feel like this image really defines me! Thanks, Ingrid, for the inspiration!

Once inside, the light is incredible.

Slot Canyon Hike
Almost Antelope Canyon

After much “oohing and aahing” from my brother and his partner, we stopped for a picnic lunch then drove on to other areas of the park. The park covers over 40,000 acres, so driving is a must, but you can park and hike to suggested points-of-interest. In the shot below, my brother is blazing a trail with me on his heels to the area where the petroglyphs can be seen up close.

Hiking in Valley of Fire State Park
More walking in the Valley of Fire
Ancient Anasazi Petroglyphs

Yes, the sand is also this red!

Valley of Fire's Sand
Reddish-orange glow of sand

One more point of interest after spending nearly 8 hours in the Valley of Fire, was to stop and gawk at the Elephant Rock, at the east entrance of the park.

Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire
Elephant Rock in Valley of Fire
Surrounded by fiery rocks

If you didn’t get your 10,000 steps with me on this outing to the Valley of Fire, you can click here to take a cold walk with me on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

If you can get outdoors to walk, I encourage you to do so! Intermittent rainy weather kept me indoors this week and I found a good yoga practice on Youtube. I also own some fitness bands and do a series of calisthenics with those. Any kind of exercise is good for our bodies and spirits now!

This post is partially inspired by this week’s Lens-Artists challenge hosted by Tina this week for Distance. To help you get your steps in today, connect here for Restless Jo’s Monday Walk.

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge resumes next week as we kick off April with a whole new set of themes. Visit my Sunday Stills page for a preview.

59 thoughts on “Walking in the Valley of Fire

  1. We were really looking forward to hitting up more State and National Parks in 2020. Instead we’ll be exploring our community trails, but that’s ok. Thanks for the post and the lovely photos.

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  2. Beautiful! Those shapes and colours are stunning, Terri 🙂 🙂 I’m lost without a walk, and the rain arrived here today. Much needed, and I had managed a little t’ai chi on the roof terrace before it started, but it does lengthen the days! Take care, hon!

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  3. It looks really beautiful there Terri – love how you’ve incorporated yourself into several of the images. It does remind me a bit of Petra in Jordan, which is also amazing. So happy you linked with us this week – a perfect response for Distance!

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  4. I love that southwest landscape, the wild formations and the colors in the rocks. Nice memories to have at a time like this. Here the state lockdown order allows us out for exercise, including swimming and surfing. However, the county order effectively bans all access to the coast so it’s not clear exactly where one can swim or surf.

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  5. I’ve always been fascinated by Valley of Fire, especially by Slot Canyon, but I will never walk through that section. My claustrophobia zooms to the front of the line and keeps me outside in panic. Did you walk through? What was your experience in that narrow passage? Your photos are breathtaking as usual, a wonderful respite from being cooped up. I love your virtual tour, Terri, and the suggestions for being active while remaining isolated. Stay healthy.

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    1. Thanks for looking, Shari! That slot canyon is very short, maybe 25 yards. It looks imposing, but it may be something you could handle, knowing it it very short. And you can see upward to the sky, which is striking! I am on the final first draft of my fitness book and hope to send to a peer editor this week!

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  6. Great photos! I went there a couple times when I was working around the Vegas area. Beautiful place, for sure. Fortunately it’s easy for us to get out and walk here in SW Colorado. I’m out with the dog every day.

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  7. Such an amazing place, Terri, and well captured – again – with your lens. Seems like the weather treated you and Hans (and your family) so much better than last year. I’d love to visit the Valley of Fire State Park one day – you’ve made me long for that, as I had no idea of its existence until last year. Incredible colors!

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  8. Hi Terri, That looks gorgeous, and it must be so nice to look back on your recent trip. I’m so glad that you can still walk and ride your bike. Walking near home is all I can do, too. Stay safe and very healthy, Toni x

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  9. I can only imagine that many of us will be yearning to do walks like the one in this post as soon as the current health crisis is over, Terri. It looks a beautiful part of the world with such lovely scenery. The elephant rock is impressive. It made me think of the town of Bedrock from the TV show ‘The Flintstones.’

    I’m glad you’re able to get still your walks in. In the UK, we’re only allowed to go outside the house once a day for any form of exercise. Given that we’ve just had a week of beautiful springlike weather, it’s a real shame we can’t make the most of being outdoors. I’m glad we have the garden, though.

    Stay safe.

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    1. I may have commented that the US should have had stricter stay at home guidelines. Other than walking or riding bikes, and a store run, with everything closed, there isn’t much reason to go anywhere, Hugh. We were supposed to be up in Spokane, WA all this week, but with both California and Washington “closed” we did not want to break too many rules by driving there. Guess it’s time to do some workouts at home! I’m going to need to do more since most restaurants have food delivery and takeout 😁🌮 seems like you all are staying safe, too!

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  10. What fabulous photos Terri, I love Elephant Rock! As Hugh said we are only able to go out once a day to exercise, but we are lucky enough to have a beautiful wood near us, where we can walk our pooches, like you I also make sure I do my Yoga every day and when no one is looking I may just dance about the boat if there’s a song I like on the radio 🙂 Stay safe and I’ll be checking in to Sunday Stills X

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  11. What a beautiful place. Getting outdoors these days is our saving grace. We walk to the lake park every day that isn’t raining. The fresh air feels so good and the expansiveness of the outdoors is exactly what we need. These days can be emotionally tough, hang in there!

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  12. “Any kind of exercise is good for our bodies and spirits now!” So true. I am happy to be able to go out in the forest still – but we never know for how long. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post. Stay safe!


  13. Exercise and the outdoors are my lifeline to well being in an emotional, mental and physical level. All of the above.

    I really enjoyed reading about this wonderful place and seeing its gorgeous scenery and colors thanks to your wonderful photos.

    Saying hello from Palm Desert, CA
    Susan Grace

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  14. Wow! Amazing pics. I particularly like the petroglyphs, and the red-and-white stripy rocks from the White Domes area. I’ve never been to the Valley of Fire, but you’ve totally got me sold on it if I ever get a chance. : )

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  15. Delighted to see that you are able to stay active riding bikes near home and doing yoga indoors. Your posts on The Vally of Fire have me longing to visit there when doors open again. You’ve showcased Mother Natures artistry here beautifully. Those reds! And the man-made petroglyphs are icing on the cake. That light at Almost Antelope Canyon brightened my day. Glad you are safe and well. Hugs from La Paz

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  16. Wow, looks spectacular! What an amazing landscape to walk in. Reminds me, I need to get up and out of bed now or I’ll never get anywhere remotely close to 10,000 steps!

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