October kicks off another month of Sunday Stills photo challenges, but did you know that Becky B, square photographer extraordinaire, is back to hosting her squares challenge this month? October’s theme is “lines and squares.”

Why not join in for Sunday Stills this week and post some lines and squares for both challenges! Think of it as photo blogging squared!

Each Fall semester, I arrange for one of my university classes to visit two recreational facilities to learn more about the daily operations and management of such.

My class visited the Sky High Jump Center, a large indoor trampoline and jump facility. As we toured the facility, I took several photos of the interesting perspectives of lines and squares. Since we were there at lunchtime on a weekday, there were very few people jumping. But that didn’t stop a couple of my students from doing so after the tour.

lines in a jump center

How many lines and squares can you count?

On another day, we visited a community recreation and sports center seen below. On this surprisingly overcast day in late September, taking the image to black and white gave it an unintended brooding appearance. By the evening though, this field was alive with players and teams enjoying softball games.

lines in a softball field

Not only does it sport the lines I was seeking, it coincidentally works with Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: The side of things, for this week!

The Blue Angels are back at the Capital Air Show in Sacramento with their high flying tricks. Quite the straight line at 700 mph (just under Mach 1)!

Blue Angels Air Show Sacramento

The same jets appear to fly between the overhead power lines…of my backyard! We are within a mile of the Mather Air Field where the show commenced this weekend and I can stand in my front yard and watch most of it! They practice all week right over our heads!

Blue Angels beween the lines

Lines are also found in nature. I couldn’t resist sharing this line of pelicans flying high, although not quite as fast as the Blue Angels.

Pelicans follow the leader

Please welcome a set of new participants to September’s Sunday Stills challenges and please visit their blogs when you get the chance:
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Over the next month, I will be incorporating lines into my images for the Sunday Stills’ themes so I can link with Becky B’s challenge. I look forward to what you will share for this week’s lines and squares!

have a good week

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94 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: All #Lined Up

  1. Have just peeked at the prompts for this month. Love this one. So many possibilities. Sometimes I have photographer’s block…is there such a thing? But this prompt really speaks to me. All of your photographs are stunning but jump center and ball park pictures are my favorites.

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  2. Hi Terri it was a good idea but I am not sure the linking is working that brilliantly, do you think you could add a link to your Sunday Stills page. Noticed for earlier ones you had the line ‘courtesy of’. Thanks

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  3. Not only all those lines but all the lovely colours in that first photo, Terri. They’re terrific.

    Like you, we have an annual air show right on our doorstep. The Swansea bay airshow takes place the first weekend in July every year. We can sit in our garden and watch most of the show from the decking. The family always want to come and stay that weekend. Because our summers are much shorter than the ones you have, we have events taking place every weekend from June until mid-Sept. For the next eight months, the bay will be very quiet.

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    1. Thank you! How cool to have that opportunity (and save $$, too), Hugh! We’ve had years with two air shows, and of course they practice all week, so the noise is a concern. But it’s still a thrill to see them right over our heads. I’ve joked that they have flown so close, I could see the whites of the pilots’ eyes, LOL!

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  4. Hi, Terri – I greatly enjoy following Sunday Stills. I just viewed Suzanne’s post for this challenge. It is wonderful to see different, creative expressions on the same theme. As always, your photos are exceptionally well done and very thought-provoking. Thank you for all of the work that you do for this series.

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  6. Nice way to combine challenges and the between the power lines one was super clever – also like that black and white one / for lines – the stillness – and the contrast and vibe

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  7. Love the pictures of the jets! Great themes that you come up with, Terri. I can’t always come up with any photos to match the topics, but thankfully this week I remembered one I could add!

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