This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge theme is all about a bug’s life.

Do bugs bug you?

I am tolerant of most bugs except black widows, ants, and cockroaches. In other words, I will go out of my way to save a hapless spider or insect that is trapped in the tub, or the random crane fly (they look like giant mosquitos) that gets stuck in the house.

I’m not alone in my thinking…

“I never kill insects. If I see ants or spiders in the room, I pick them up and take them outside. Karma is everything.”

Holly Valance

My husband and I both love dragonflies. This one was at the end of its life and had flown onto the outdoor sofa at our delta campground. I took it inside and put it up onto the blind valance where it rested peacefully and beautifully until the end.

Dying Dragonfly

By now, you know I love shooting macros and close-ups, either with my camera or my Galaxy Note 10+.

Recently I took my dogs for an early morning walk and saw the bees buzzing around the neighbor’s lavender bush. Placing my phone carefully among the flowers, some bees still chased me a little as I hurriedly backed away, but I think I got a great shot!

Bee on Lavender

In another nearby garden, the butterflies flitted happily among the colorful flowers.

yellow butterfly on pink flowers

I get inspiration from a lot of things around me – nature, hills, people, and even insects.

Ruskin Bond

Here are some oldie-but-goody images of other insects I have captured with my lens.

Remember the molting dragonfly? I was truly transfixed by this moment and lucky to capture it all.

Molting Dragonfly: The Wonders of Nature

Recently, with my camera, I caught the lovely pink lady in the Sierra Foothills last June.

Pink Lady Butterfly

My last blog post about bugs was The Bugs of Summer, where I showed my image collection of some interesting bugs!

This whip spider, found in Mexico, was quite frightening!

October’s Sunday Stills themes are available here!

What wonders of the insect world can you share? I can’t wait to see what sorts of bugs you like or would like to see eradicated from the planet. But keep this in mind…

We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics.

Bill Vaughan

Until next time,


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73 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: It’s A #Bug’s Life

  1. I’m with you in this, as I have exactly the same “sentiments” for bugs 🙂 … and also love dragonflies!
    Incredible how good these phones can be with photos – Your macros are just gorgeous! But with the “pink lady in the Sierra Foothills” you can tell the difference between a real camera and a phone 🙂 Wonderful shot of that butterfly!
    I don’t have recent posts on bugs, so for now I cannot show anything, but I have lots of them on my smugmug gallery:

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  2. Glad you weren’t stung capturing that amazing shot of the bee on the lavender. But even if you had been, it might have been worth it. That is one spectacular photograph.

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  3. I’m a softy too when it comes to spiders inside our house. I wish we had dragonflies around here (we used to, but I don’t see them anymore). The insect population is in an alarming decline (as are the birds). So important to help people realize the ramifications of this… not only the loss of our natural world, but how it will surly impact our long-term viability.

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  4. These are great Terri. Cannot believe you got that bee with your phone!! I played golf this week with a guy who was bitten by a spider called s a Brown Recluse. Anyway he ended up 2 weeks in the hospital and has a huge scar down his leg where they had to operate to get the venom out. Just sayin’, don’t trust the little buggers!!!

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  5. Beautiful photos Terri! I saw a scorpion yesterday, I don’t like them, I got bit by one in Reno five years ago, and its not an experience I’d like to have again. The one I saw yesterday did not make..


  6. I don’t really like bugs. In Venezuela, we planted herbs to keep them away. In one house, I even had geckos all over that ate the bugs, but I didn’t really like having them on the ceiling in my kitchen.

    Fascinating post!

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  7. What an amazing headliner shot, Terri! That bee and flower are my favorite of this post. I don’t mind insects. I think they’re part of nature and therefore part of our lives. I rarely get bugged too much by flies and can handle a few mosquito bites.

    Like you, I “save” insects from death by other, less tolerable people and put spiders and such outside, whenever possible. I have no issues with wasps and bees, even after being stung many times. Mosquitoes sometimes annoy me, especially at night, and they are about the only creature I can kill. The worst, though, are the black flies (New Zealand) or no nos (Tahitii), or thirsty no-see-ums, whose bites itch forever and last for weeks.

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