If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you recall that my job as a part-time university lecturer gives me summers off! I spent 35 years as a public park and recreation practitioner working every summer with no days off and putting in lots of overtime. Summer was a season to get over with quickly!

For the past 10 years, whether working full-time or part-time, I’ve spent most spring and summer weekends at the Sacramento River Delta camping at our windsurf club’s seasonal campground on Sherman Island. We keep our trailer there for 5 months and make the 60-mile drive from Sacramento most weekends.

Quite the leisure lifestyle!

Before I begin with my summer plans, I want to tell all Sunday Stills photo challenge participants that Hugh Roberts will be hosting the challenge on June 2 and June 9.

I know you are thinking, “wow, she must be going on a fabulous vacation and won’t be around the blogosphere.”

I wish.

Lounging on a Venetian gondola as the above image suggests would have been nice.

Instead, on June 4, I undergo surgery to correct a painful bunion on my left foot. The recovery process takes up to 8 weeks, with the first two weeks spent in pain from swelling, then removal of stitches. The doc will put me in a cast, then hopefully a walking boot.

Because of this uncertainty, I may be a bit absent from blogging during this time. Hugh has graciously agreed to host Sunday Stills for the first two weeks.

So no delta for me, or much of anything else until mid-July, depending on how fast I heal.

I’ve never used crutches, so that is an adventure I’m anticipating with dread.


colorful mandalas

In the meantime, I found a coloring app (Happy Color) to while away the hours in my pain-induced stupor. Both images above were downloaded from the app after I colored them.

If anyone has had foot surgery, do tell how you found your experience. And you won’t scare me, I’m realistic!

You can find the June themes for the Sunday Stills photo challenge here.


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65 thoughts on “What I’m Doing on My #Summer Vacation

  1. Love, love, love the coloring! Good luck with the surgery, Terri! I had a much less complex foot surgery, but the shower sleeve was wonderful. I could take a full shower without getting my foot wet. Had crutches as a teen and remember rubbing under my arms which was painful, so watch out for that. See you back soon.

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      1. Teri, the Dr. will probably write a script for a light weight rubber booty that covers the boot and adheres tightly to your calf. If he doesn’t, ask about it. Makes showering so much easier than a tub bath.

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  2. Terri, we all heal differently, but I had this surgery about eighteen years ago on the very painful bunion on my right foot. It required severing the bone and inserting a pin, which sounds much worse than it was. I anticipated about eight weeks of down-time, but things went much better than expected. The first two days are pretty bad, even with pain meds. You will not want your foot to be anywhere near the floor and trips to the bathroom are soooo much fun. (hubby had to carry me) But after those initial rough days it went very well. I went straight to the boot, no cast and was able to walk in the boot comfortably within about two weeks (no crutches). I was riding a stationary bike and driving (with the boot) within four weeks.

    Now, for the fun part. You get to go out and buy yourself some sassy little skirts and pull over dresses that will make you feel sooooo pretty when wearing that boot.

    Sending positive thoughts for a smooth process and quick healing your way. Best of luck!

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    1. Wow, Suzanne, you paint an intriguing picture of life right after surgery! Your healing time was very swift! I thought about skirts and shorts with wider leg openings (no leggings). Your experience is very encouraging so I hope my almost 60 – yr old foot can handle it all. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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  3. Ouch! Based on my experience check out “how to use crutches” on Google. There is a technique.—trust me. Also you may also find using a walking stick a possible benefit–again walking stick, not a cane! Walking sticks are just as effective as canes and are so much cooler looking than a cane.

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  4. Oh, yuck, pretty coloring pages aside, this doesn’t sound like a fun upcoming event. I’ve never had bunion surgery but friends who have told me they felt so wonderful afterward and were grateful to be able to wear shoes and do all the activities that feet allow. Wishing you a safe surgery and a quick recovery.

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  5. One more thing: consider a walker instead of a cane if it comes to that. A walker warns everyone to steer clear of you and is less likely to slip or get bumped. I know, looks like an old folk’s appendage but while your appendage is healing, you need to protect it. And you can bling it. Also, if you fly, take advantage of handicapped early seating option. You’ll want to be in the seat with your recovering foot next to the window.

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  6. You will be happy once that bothersome bunion is gone and crutches are no problem. I’ve done them three times for broken leg and twice after hip replacements. Make sure they fit you the proper size and don’t get them up under your arms and then lean on them as that plays havoc with the nerves under your arms. Good luck !

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  7. Terri, I wish you the best of luck! I had several knee surgeries, and a knee replacement. I read a lot of books and watched series on TV, which I normally don’t do. Podcasts are great when you are tired and don’t feel like reading. Get off pain meds as soon as possible, you will feel better. Good luck!

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  8. Sorry to hear that you’re suffering Terri, and just as summer is warming up too. No fun. I hope all goes well and you heal swiftly. And you’re not missing anything. Venice is crowded and overrated these days!

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  9. I wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery next week, Terri. But, first, enjoy the party tonight. I’m sure it will be great fun.
    I’m looking forward to hosting Sunday Stills for the next two Sundays. Tomorrow’s post is ready to go. I hope it doesn’t give anyone nightmares.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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      1. No worries, Terri. I’ve already seen some Sunday Still posts with this week’s theme of Edge. They all mentioned me being the host for this week. The post is ready and will be going out soon.
        Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  10. Good luck with this. I have bunions but am putting off surgery until the last minute. Which would be when they’re too painful to ignore. I look forward to your experience with this surgery.

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    1. Thank you, Jacqui! I’m taking care of the left foot this year since it seems to be insisting, perhaps I’ll have to attend the then right at some point! I’m sure I’ll post about my experience at some point 😜


  11. I am not hitting the ‘like’ button because this sounds like no fun at all. Here’s to fast healing and at least some of the summer spent doing something more fun. Actually, just about anything summery would be more fun. Even sitting on the deck reading a book which I guess you can do in a cast. So…enjoy your summer as best you can, I hope the surgery isn’t too bad!

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  12. Sorry to hear about your bunion surgery. I hope you have a quick recovery. I recently had painful corns on both feet, and finally saw a podiatrist, who resolved the problem. I’m really glad I did something about it, and I’m sure you will be once this is all over. My son broke his ankle in March, and found a knee scooter the best way to be mobile and get about – much better than crutches or walker. Good luck.

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  13. Hi Terri

    Ouch!!! I’m sure you’ll be back at it soon. Love the mandalas from the coloring app. I carry coloring books with me when we camp. Not only does coloring help pass the time, but I also find it relaxing. There’s always someone who wants to join me, so extra books and colored pencils or crayons are a must.

    Heal quickly

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  14. Oh Terri! I’m so sorry to read about your surgery and I wish you a very quick recovery. Since you’re in such good health and shape, I think you will do just fine! Your dogs will snuggle up with you and give you extra comfort. Sending you virtual hugs and coloring distractions! Xx

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  15. I’ll be praying for a smooth recovery for you, Terri. I have not had foot surgery but I did break my foot a few years ago. It took quite a while to heal and the word ‘surgery’ was thrown around with a referral to a surgeon. I had a dream that I went to a reiki practitioner (I had never gone to reiki before). I went and the surge of blood flow to my foot was amazing! I went a step further and had acupuncture treatments. The bone healed in record time so that I cancelled the surgical consult. I did not do well on crutches, but rented a knee walker. I scooted around on that for several weeks and it was so much easier. If your foot and surgeon would allow it, I’d highly recommend it as an alternative to crutches or a standard walker. Be well, my friend!

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    1. I’m glad you had a good experience with acupuncture, Molly. After surgery today, my surgeon recommended the scooter. Kaiser doesn’t cover, but if I bought one I can use it when I inevitably have to correct the bunion on the right foot. Thanks for your valuable advice, Nurse Molly…and can I just shout-out how amazing the surgical team was this morning! The nursing staff was top-notch!

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  16. Hi Terri,
    I hope the foot surgery went well for you and the recovery is smooth and as quick as can realistically be. I love the coloring app that you found, it’s something fun you can do while stuck recuperating! Take care and get well soon!

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  17. I just finished my second coloring page in my grownup coloring book but love the vivid colors you are able to get through the app you use!! Going to check that out. Hope to upload my May Sunday Stills to Insta today. How’s the foot?

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  18. OMG Terri! Sorry to be late with my get well soon wishes. That is not an easy surgery and the recovery can be a bitch. I hope as you read this you are in your boot and that you are pain free. On the positive side, the pain was definitely a good muse. Adore your colorful creations.

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