Hello, Sunday Stills fans!

Just a reminder that the Sunday Stills photo challenge can be found over on Hugh’s Views and News hosted by Hugh Roberts on June 2 and June 9.

Please visit Hugh and link to his photo challenge prompts! Themes are published on the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge page.

June 2 finds me in San Diego for a long weekend to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday. Most travel days are no big deal in terms of blogging, but this one is special.

Why? Upon my return, I am having foot surgery on June 4th to correct a bunion on my left foot. According to my podiatrist, I will be in no mood to do much as I get through the pain and swelling for at least two weeks.

I do not teach university classes during summers, so this is the best time to have the surgery and recover in time to be on my feet again to teach three classes in the fall.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for zero complications and a swift recovery!

Camera graphic

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Moves to Hugh’s Views and News June 2 and 9

      1. I’m already having great fun with it, Terri. 😀 Some of the photography of sheer drops over the ‘edge’ is spectacular.
        I hope the birthday party was fun and there are not too many sore heads. Enjoy your Sunday in San-Diego.

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      2. Great to hear. It’s 8:30 in the morning as I write this and after breakfast with my family, I hop on a plane to go home. San Diego was beautiful, with refreshingly overcast skies for part of the days. I wish I could bottle the cool air and take it with me to the Sacramento heat I’m going home to!

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  1. Hope you are healing well and soon back into your favorite shoes!! Just posted my photos for May. Stopping here to see June’s prompts. And to check out some of your gorgeous photos. Take care, take time to heal!! Rest!

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  2. If you have to move, Hugh’s is the absolute best choice. I hope the surgery went well. Bunion surgery sounds simple but I was advised to put it off as long as possible because of the pain and inability to get around. Good luck with the recovery!

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    1. Hugh did a fabulous job of hosting, Jacqui! I am back to it this weekend. The bunions weren’t painful until recently and the timing was right since I don’t teach during the summer. Honestly, a week later and I am essentially pain-free. The knee scooter has been a God-send and my daughter has been here to help for a few days. I may have to do this all over again in a couple of years for the right foot. Thanks so much, and I hope you find a good time to get one taken care of. If you are not in pain, then put it off while you can.

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