Dogs alert for Danger
Dogs appear to be guarding me on the water.

What could be dangerous about a sublime day paddling on the river?

Don’t get me started.

As the former aquatics director for a public parks and recreation organization, it continues to be my duty to remind people to be safe in the water.

This week’s Sunday Stills theme is “danger.”

In the photo above, our dogs seem to be on high alert for danger as I kayak on the river. You can barely see me. Thanks to my daughter for the cool image!

And I was wearing a life vest, like the one in the shot below.

SUP transportation

Even Aero wears his life jacket when we go out on the paddle boards or kayak.

Aero hoping to shake off the life jacket.
May in National Water Safety Month

Every May, I post something about the importance of water safety, which coincides with National Water Safety Month, as the traditional start to summer begins this Memorial Day holiday weekend.

In a previous post from 2015, I share five tips for keeping your family safe on the water. Interestingly, “danger” was the prompt for this post when Ed hosted Sunday Stills!

A beautiful day out on a calm river or lake may look dreamy and fun, but danger is closer than you think. Regardless of what you believe about your own swimming abilities and others with you, the calm water can quickly change. A lifejacket WILL save your life!

Sadly, this is a common sight to see–too many lifejackets are still hanging up!

Kids Don’t Float Campaign sign at Sacramento County Access on Sherman Island

At least these school children exhibited good safety behavior as they explored shallow areas of the American River.

Middle school kids avert danger by wearing life jackets even in knee-deep water.
Averting danger by wearing lifejackets around the river.

We continue to celebrate National Water Safety Month to bring awareness to the dangers of playing in and around the water without a life jacket. Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe by wearing one and insisting they do, too!

Terri Webster Schrandt

I’m posting some news and Sunday Stills themes for June on May 31st. Stay tuned!

I predict many of you will share your unique perspectives on danger this week for the Sunday Stills photo challenge, and they do not have to be water-related.

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50 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Is #Danger Closer Than You Think?

  1. Hi Terri

    We are a family of water lovers and life vests top the list of safety supplies. We also carry a comprehensive first aid kit. I love that you include safety in your pre-summer fun blog post


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  2. At the pool too! We took the girls several times without life vests. When the baby (3) jumped off the steps, directly to the bottom, we got a life vest the very next day!! Keep on warning!! Life are worth the effort!

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  3. We used to have a summer place on lake and I was always shocked at how casual some people were about water safety. And in our time there we knew of some tragic deaths; a toddler who wandered out onto the dock when everyone else was watching videos and she fell in and drowned. Another boat whizzing much to fast round a sharp corner collided with another boat and the people in the other boat were both decapitated. There were also deaths with young people out on the lake at night hitting rocks and capsizing without life jackets or pfds. My kids knew they could only use the small boat and only in daylight hours and if they were caught without their jackets they would be grounded for 3 weeks and loose all boating privileges for the entire summer.

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  4. So important to have the right equipment in the water and in the winter on the ice. My youngest is in the girl scouts and they test their swimming skills as well as how to rescue someone in water every year. They also learn how to save themselves and/or others if they go through ice.

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  5. Water is an enchanting element but must be approached with caution and common sense. Thank you for the good health reminder.

    Wondering what is the third language on the sign? – I’ve never seen this before, can’t even guess how it’s pronounced.

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  6. How cool that the dogs were keeping an eye out for your safety on the water, Terri. There are so many important messages in your post about being safe if going anywhere near water. We hear of tragic deaths every summer because of teenagers jumping into reservoirs to cool off. What they did not realise is just how cold that water is, even on the hottest of days.
    Happy Summer 🌞

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    1. Thanks, Hugh, we are still waiting for summer temps but they will be here soon. I’m away from media this weekend, so I wonder what the news will bring of any drownings? We had overcast skies most of the weekend and rain Sunday, so that kept people away from the water. I did have a boat come too close while on my SUP yesterday which provided me with an unwelcome wake to navigate. Sigh…

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  7. Teri, I love the “Kids Don’t Float” sign. I live in Florida where everyone has a back yard pool or a lake, river or ocean nearby. We teach water safety very early on, but preventable deaths still happen every summer. Thanks for this reminder to be safe and smart on the water.

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  8. Hi Terri, A great, timely post with Summer just around the corner. We live on the West Coast surrounded by water and many lakes in the area. Unfortunately, we have tragic deaths every Summer. I am amazed how many people will still not wear a life jacket even on a boat. I agree with all of the above comments on a powerful sign “Kids Don’t Float!”

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  9. Great post! I remember how amazing I thought it was the first time I saw lifejackets available for children. I believe it actually was at the North Fork of the American River, close to the first ranch I leased in California. It’s good to think about water safety, and talk to children about it. My daughter can swim now, but I have her wear a lifejacket in our pool anyways, and always when kayaking of course (I do too when kayaking.) Have an amazing day my friend.

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  10. Oh, that billboard. So eyecatching. Great photo. A child almost drowned in our neighborhood this month. Scares me to death with our pool and my granddaughters. Only takes a second.

    Have my photos for the month of Sundays coming at the end of the month.

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  11. Love the photo of the dogs on the lookout to protect their favorite person, Terri! Water safety is so important. I never understood why people go out in boats and leave the life jackets tucked under the seat. I always put mine on! My grandsons have had the advantage of swimming lessons but they are still young. Thankfully, their parents are diligent about life jackets so that grandma doesn’t need to worry about them! Aero looks adorable in his life jacket!

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