Today’s photo challenge is that indeed, at least for me. I had a whopping total of five gates in my vast digital photo file, including one I had posted over 4 years ago! I found lots of doors, windows, fences, and marinas with ramps, but few gates.

To assist with inspiration for this week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge, I enlisted the help of my daughter who visited Athens last year and she graciously let me borrow this photo she took of Hadrian’s Arch.

Hadrian's Arch Athens
Hadrian’s Arch, Athens. Original Image by Megan Matal

Hadrian’s Arch “is a monumental gateway resembling a Roman triumphal arch. It spanned an ancient road from the center of Athens, Greece, to the complex of structures on the eastern side of the city that included the Temple of Olympian Zeus.”

At the Southern California Expo, also known as the Del Mar Fair north of San Diego, a building had this pretty, white welcoming gate into the State Exhibition building.

Gateway to Del Mar Fair

Friends have a beautiful vacation home in Los Barilles, Baja, Mexico and this pink wall with its bright green gate faces their property.

Pink and Green Gate

Not a fabulous image of a gate, but here is my hubby (who is pretty fabulous) standing next to the gate to the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego.

Gate at Ocean Beach Pier
Gate to Ocean Beach Pier

Funny how my limited choice of gates are from southern and Mediterranean geographical locations.

I will leave you with this lovely quote from JRR Tolkien.

Pergola Gate with Quote

What is the secret to finding great gate images? I am looking forward to your creative ideas on the theme this week.

Camera graphic

72 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Gates to Fun

  1. Wow, Terri, you went though your entire photo archive? If I were to join any photo competition where my memory would fail in regards to which files to find subject photos in (which it would more than likely do), I’d have to shoot new photos, since I have thousands upon thousands of photos from all over the world. I already find it overwhelming selecting photos for my current blogs. 🙂

    I’m glad you found some gates, and I love the quote. It’s a description of life. An, exciting one.

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    1. Yes, Liesbet, I was fairly diligent in my search…I guess I remember if I ever shoot gates. I’m at the #delta this morning and am off for a photo shoot of the rural area around here. Hopefully I can find a gate or two for another time 😁

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  2. Oh, the thoughts of finding a secret gate or door. Reminds me of the story ‘The Secret Garden.’
    I like the thought of different terms of gates, like, for example, the arrival or departure gate at an airport. Are those gates invisible, or is the gate made up of a whole host of other objects, Terri? You’ve got me thinking on this one.

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    1. I’m glad you are up for the challenge, Hugh! I searched for gate quotes and kept getting Bill Gates! I also thought of the sci-fi series Stargate, but didn’t have a good photo…lol!😁 Looking forward to what your creative mind come up with this week.

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  4. Hi Terri, it really was a bit of a challenge this week! Your photos are great depictions, I just love that bright pink wall and green gate 🙂 . My post was a bit of a play on words and despite it’s beauty the Gates of Hell would have been a scary place for those entering . Thanks for your comment and the opportunity to share. Off to look at some of the other gates now.

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      1. Isn’t it always the way Terri, always after the event does the perfect photo show up. It’s good to see everyone’s thoughts and photos, as gates can be a bit boring. Thanks for your comment on my post!

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  5. This is a very inspiring challenge!! Makes me want to dig into my archives! Funny, I was just contemplating what gate to put up on my Arizona property yesterday. It’s not even fenced yet…but you got think ahead, right? 😉 Gates are important on many levels.

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  6. Love kicking this post off and concluding it with the Tolkien quote. Indeed!

    Interesting to see that Hadrian’s Arch fenced off with a modern city blossoming behind it. Makes me wonder what a world 2000 year in the future could be like with a remnant of our time now juxtaposed against a future world we can not yet imagine; hopefully, more positive than the Statues of Liberty in the sand on the Planet of the Apes.

    How lucky are you friends to have such a colorful gate entrance to their vacation home; a place almost worth dropping the hook for!

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  7. I never thought too much about it but just yesterday, I saw a beautiful gate to a private house, arched like some of the ones in your post, but covered with ivy 💕 Now I’ll be keeping gates in mind!

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