Pergola Gate with Quote

Sunday Stills: #Gates to Fun

Today’s photo challenge is that indeed, at least for me. I had a whopping total of five gates in my vast digital photo file, including one I had posted over 4 years ago! I found lots of doors, windows, fences, and marinas with ramps, but few gates. To assist with inspiration for this week's Sunday …

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Cheeky creature of the Sea of Cortez

My Cheeky Hans

If you are a blogger and/or photographer, the weekly photo challenges will take you on a roller-coaster ride of themes, for which to submit the appropriate image! Last week we enjoyed serene views of sunsets, peaceful moments and other settings which, as we prepare for the hectic holidays, was a much needed respite. The goal …

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Weekend Coffee Share: Fun is Good

I am off having fun this weekend with friends from the delta. Please enjoy your cup of coffee or tea as you ponder this quote by Dr. Seuss: If you never did, you should, these things are fun and fun is good! Fall (or spring in Southern Hemisphere) is a good time to get out …

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The Leisure Link is Back October 1st

After a two-month hiatus, my link party, The Leisure Link re-opens on October 1st. I am so excited to host this link-up and I hope that you will join me and other bloggers who value leisure, recreation, the outdoors, hobbies and all things fun! "Leisure" is difficult to define, in fact, definitions differ among nearly …

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