Cheeky creature of the Sea of Cortez

If you are a blogger and/or photographer, the weekly photo challenges will take you on a roller-coaster ride of themes, for which to submit the appropriate image! Last week we enjoyed serene views of sunsets, peaceful moments and other settings which, as we prepare for the hectic holidays, was a much needed respite.

The goal of this week’s theme Cheeky, according to Michelle Webber at WordPress, is to “find a little irreverence in your world.”

Oh, a bit of fun and humor, huh? I can also use both as I prepare for the holidays!

If you haven’t guessed who this handsome and silly guy is, this is my husband, Hans. In the photo above, he was trying to make some kids traveling with us laugh with his antics!

Cheeky dirftwood
Hans thinks he has a bigger smile.

As you can see, Hans has no problem showing his irreverence, or at least his humor in front of a camera. Ham, much? I found the quote below, which seems to sum up his worldview of life!

“I won’t be cheeky and hypocritical… I will be real or nothing!”
― Deyth Banger

In this photo, my daughter’s dog Gideon seems to be sitting and chatting with Hans. If I recall, Gideon sat like that naturally that day, and Hans posed himself for the photo!

Go ahead, caption this!

Gideon sits and chats

While traveling, I take a LOT of pictures! No matter our moods, Hans finds ways to keep things fun! Thank goodness, because I get too serious and I need to lighten up. This photo, taken at a fish market in Baja, Mexico, demonstrates more of his silliness.

Cheeky fish and Cheeky Hans

Hans has his serious side. He is a hard worker and lives life passionately. After all, he was born in Colombia, South America, to a German father and German-Chilean mother. He is an adventurous spirit who is fluent in both Spanish and German. And one heck of a windsurfer. I asked his permission to feature some of his cheeky photos in my blog today.

I know Hans lightens my mood every day and keeps me sane and happy. If you are newer to my blog, you can read more about how we met.

In this holiday season of rushing around from shopping to parties to family gatherings, keep your sense of humor. Enjoy some cheeky moments this holiday season!


44 thoughts on “My Cheeky Hans

  1. Hey, I recognize that guy! 🙂 So nice to have a man around who can be light-hearted at times. We could all use some cheering up, or should I say cheeking up? Love your Christmas signature, Terri! Happy holidays!

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  2. Hans is a hoot, Terri! I love that he helps you see the humor in life. Even though I write humor, there are times when my husband and I can get too serious and we forget to lighten up. These photos are terrific! A caption for the very funny dog picture could be: “I like to be scratched there, too, but my all time favorite is the nape of my neck.”

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  3. Great to hear a little more about Hans and his cheeky side, Terri. He looks to be the life and soul of any party. A partner that makes you laugh is a very special thing to have, but I know you already know that. Does he ever play any practical jokes on you?

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  4. I LOVE your message here! I love your husband’s sense of humor, and I love that he makes you smile! Thank you for the reminder to keep my sense of humor this time of the year! I hope you enjoy your Christmas & holidays coming up!

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  5. He sounds like the perfect mix of funny and serious Terri – and obviously is your ideal match. Aren’t we lucky when we find a person who we can enjoy doing life with?

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