Duck reflections

Now that it is spring and heading into summer here in Northern California, I can reflect positively on our long, gray winter. It was a rough one for me as Seasonal Affective Disorder insidiously paid me a visit.

Not one for sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I ventured outdoors with hubby on some of the rare, cold sunny days. In January andย early March, we took short road trips.

In the photo above, my camera worked overtime capturing shots of ducks, geese and other birds enjoying the full reservoirs at Colusa Wildlife Preserve. I also got a beautiful reflection of the stark winter trees shown in the gallery below.

On this trip our purpose was to meet the breeder to pick up our new pup, Brodie. If I am to reflect on my gray winter, the bright spot was certainly chasing a rambunctious puppy around.

You can read more about Brodie and Aero in this recent post by fellow blogger Lori Strobel in her monthly Waggleview series. Please stop by and visit her blog!

On my daily walks with Aero, even sometimes in the rain, or right after a good downpour, I managed to catch some more shots of trees Reflecting in leftover puddles.

Of course I had to throw in the photo of me reflected in the mirror as I strained to get as many green photos as possible on our day trip to Sutter Creek in the Sierra Foothills!

Photographer reflected in the mirror
Photographer reflected in the mirror

Tomorrow is my last day of lecturing for the semester! This weekend, I am heading out for some windsurfing and stand-up paddling and hope to reflect on my water exploits. Have a fab weekend!

35 thoughts on “Winter’s Reflections

  1. I love that last shot! I hate to complain, but… just when the sunny, warm days arrived in Northern California, we had a flight to the East Coast. The last two weeks in Massachusetts have been miserable! Rain and cold, with temps barely above 50F. But, we get to see the blossoms and the flowers all over again. ๐Ÿ™‚ This winter is really dragging, though… especially for people who tried their best to escape winter this year… Next week, temps should rise a bit, but we are heading even further east to Belgium. By then, it should be 60s, one would hope…

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  2. Terri, I love the reflective images posted here – you are a really talented photographer. And a reflective person as well, as you so ably incorporated your personal journey into the article.
    Can’t wait to see photos of new puppy. As they say: PUPPIES! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I would love to try the stand up paddling. I love kayaking. There were 3 stand up paddlers who paddled out with the dolphins and a humpback whale last summer. After I saw them out there, I went kayaking with the dolphins and whale, though without the same excitement they had. The dolphins surrounded them and were leaping all over the place. There must been 50 of them!

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      1. Hmm.. I think I’m going to have to make some connections this summer and find someone with a stand up. That, or come to Cali and borrow yours!


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