This week’s photo challenge asks us to depict Shadow.

Not only did I get some great shots with the new camera, I got double pleasure with shadows and reflections at Coronado’s dog beach in San Diego last December.

Aero cavorts on dog beach accompanied by his shadow and reflection

Aero cavorts on dog beach accompanied by his shadow and reflection.

Legs cast shadows and reflections

Legs also cast shadows and reflections.

But, wait, there’s MORE!

In my post, How to Get 100s of Free Photos for Your Blog, I got a wonderful response and several bloggers found great uses on their blogs for some of my donated images!

Sally Cronin from Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life used one in her post, Weekly Image and Haiku—From a Grateful World and wrote a lovely haiku with it.

Blogger Marje from Kyrosmagica used a photo as her featured image (with some Canva editing), which featured me on her Author Spotlight!

Fellow blogger, Allison, at Allison D Reid, contacted me and asked to share her vast collection of gorgeous images of forests, streams and other natural settings. Like me, she has oodles of photos “collecting virtual dust” as she cleverly put it! You can also find the file of her images from South Chagrin Reservation in Bentleyville, Ohio.

Here is a wonderful example of one of Allison’s photos. It happens to fit the WPC shadow theme (but the credit is hers)!

Forest in Shadow
image by Allison D. Reid

As I said, FREE images really are available. No sign-ups, no passwords to remember, no gimmicks. Just click on FREE BLOG IMAGES for the link or visit my new page Free Photos for Your Blog.

Help us bring our unused photos out of the shadows!

Current folders include landscapes, flowers, animals, cityscapes and general office. Visit on a regular basis for new folders and photos added weekly.

New to the folder this week are the following:

  • “Donated Images, with subfolder, “Donated by Allison.”
  • Sports with subfolders: Climbing, Cycling, Group Games, and Water Sports
  • The folder “Landscape” was also updated to include a subfolder “Water.”

Do NOT be shy about using these. It will be up to you to choose and edit them for use on your blog.

I know many of you take quality photos! If you are a blogger with unused digital images laying around “collecting virtual dust” and would like to donate them to the blogging community, please contact me and let’s see if we can add them. I use the Pro edition of Dropbox with plenty of room, (so no worries on space!) and it is very easy to share.

Bring these photos out of the shadows so we may all enjoy them!


38 thoughts on “Out of the Shadows

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I was delighted to use a photograph from the FREE images offered by Terri Webster Schrandt in her recent blog post and here is a follow up.. Allison D. Reid has added some of her images to the free folder and these include some wonderful forest, streams and other natural settings.. this is a gold mine and please head over to find how you could donate some images for the community to use and also how to download photos to use..

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  2. Two shadows for the price of one. How fantastic?. I suppose positioning and lighting help a lot, not that I know anything about photography. These are marvelous.

    I clicked “Press This” thinking you would become a WP star but it reblogged your post. o_O Wonderful collection, I see–and growing. Guess you’ve started something s.w.e.e.t. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful feeling of warmth and light in these shadow photos, you dog looks so chirpy and happy! Either he’s looking at his shadow friend or out to sea. Thank you so much for sharing the photographs, very generous of you and I successfully downloaded this to my Dropbox and and had a delightful time going through them. Hope to use one soon. Have a brilliant weekend!

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  4. Damn it I was going to say how wonderful the photos were and how I couldn’t believe the shadows and the reflections but every one has already beat me too it!!! But I can’t blame them- you are really talented. They are really works of art. 3rd one of the woodland was an additional treat – a beautiful capture of a magical scene.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The shadow photos are striking, Terri. You caught both the shadow and the reflection. I’d never noticed this before in photographs. Never gave it a second thought. Amazing … ♥


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