Macro Moments Challenge: Week 30–Birds

Hummingbird enjoying his shower
Hummer after the rain

A few weeks ago, as the never-ending much-needed rain trickled to a drizzle, my resident hummingbird enjoyed fluffing his feathers after a well-deserved feeding.

We are all used to seeing hummingbirds in flight, we may forget they actually perch!

Submitted for Musin’ with Susan’s Macro Moments Challenge

Photographed with my Panasonic Lumix FZ300 in full zoom. Cropped and framed with PicMonkey premium. I have also taken great macro shots with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, too, so don’t be afraid to play along!


46 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 30–Birds

  1. omorris2014

    Absolutely love hummingbirds, but we have to wait till late spring, early summer before they make it to us. I put my feeders out early trying to entice them to my abode…..

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      1. It is odd to see them perched. I rescued a hummingbird once that my cat got ahold of and injured her wing. I kept her in a cage until her wing healed. She was so sweet. I would take her out of the cage on my finger and kiss her little tiny head. That was a wonderful experience!

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      2. They are sweet! She was a loyal bird too. She got to where she wasn’t afraid of me at all. I had her in the cage in my kitchen and I thought she might like to have the cage covered so it would be calmer for her. She started making a fuss until I took the towel off the cage. Haha!

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