SUP session at the delta

Sunday Stills: Your Favorite #Sport or #Hobby

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about showcasing your favorite sports and/or hobbies. Your images of sports might show others participating or yourself engaged in one. The same is true for your hobbies. Please share any image depicting doing what you love and engaging in leisure! I will start you off with some …

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A graceful hit yet powerful hit scores!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful Athlete

Gracefulness comes in many forms, whether it is embodied in the images of birds, swaying trees, or beautiful art. Athletes also embody their own forms of gracefulness as shown in this older photo of my daughter playing volleyball in her college years. I believe this photo shows not only the strength of an athlete in motion, …

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Windsurf Wow Factor

Do you have a leisure pastime that motivates you or inspires you to push its limits? Blogging and writing for most of us can be considered a serious hobby that pushes us to excel and learn more. I know that I read a lot on how to be a better blogger and to hone my …

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Summer Fun at The Leisure Link #6

The Leisure Link #5 was a success after taking a short break for the holiday weekend! There were some new bloggers who linked up and I am happy to see my faithful bloggers linking each week. This week’s link-up had 20 links and over 100 hits. We had one clear winner and one close runner-up. …

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The New and Improved Leisure Link

With the Independence holiday behind me, I can go back to the care and feeding of The Leisure Link! I hope that you will consider joining the link-up if you haven't yet, or just come and re-join the party! During the summer, there are a lot more opportunities for leisure, whether it is playing golf, attending …

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Photography 101: Connecting in Leisure

Leisure connections are vitally important to the human condition. Regardless of our hobbies, pastimes and interests that bring us happiness or challenges, the friendships and human connections we make with one another as we partake in these activities ultimately help create communities. When you join a club, you now belong to a community of like-minded …

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