Gracefulness comes in many forms, whether it is embodied in the images of birds, swaying trees, or beautiful art.

Athletes also embody their own forms of gracefulness as shown in this older photo of my daughter playing volleyball in her college years.

A graceful hit yet powerful hit scores!

I believe this photo shows not only the strength of an athlete in motion, but the gracefulness as she flies through the air to “put down the ball.”

Yesterday, she turned 29 years old. Happy birthday to my graceful daughter!

Another Graceful  photo for the weekly photo challenge.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful Athlete

  1. Happy 29th Birthday to your daughter, Terri! 😀😀 I hope you all had a wonderful day of celebrations! 🎉 I do like this photo and you’re right about the graceful movements of athletes- such balance and poise in their actions and as in this shot here, such a light exact deft action.

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