This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about showcasing your favorite sports and/or hobbies. Your images of sports might show others participating or yourself engaged in one. The same is true for your hobbies. Please share any image depicting doing what you love and engaging in leisure!

I will start you off with some of my examples.

Hobby 1: Gardening

Last teddy sunflower of the summer

Most of my summer was confined to my backyard due to foot surgery and lack of mobility afterward. Many of my photos featured my new-ish hobby of gardening, with great success in growing (yes, and bragging about) my two favorite flowers: plumeria and sunflowers.

I was so excited to grow the Tall Sungold or Teddy Bear from seeds this season, shown in the above image.

My sunflowers are just about done, but even as they go to seed there is still beauty and hope for the next season!

sunflower seed harvest

My hearty little plumeria plant is still blooming and I hope by next season that the other three plants will reveal their blooms.

Unexpected Plumeria blooms

Hobby 2: Photography

I take at least 200 photos a week and perhaps like you, I share a few on my blog and on Instagram and Facebook.

Since I am not yet interested in trying to sell my photos, freely sharing through these creative outlets simply makes me happy. I have enjoyed much positive feedback and encouragement about my photography (and I am sure you have, too)!

One day, I may print images on canvases and sell them in local craft fairs. But for now, these are a fun and creative outlets to help me enjoy my hobby.

I enjoy seeing the astounding photographic talents on Instagram and on WordPress from the fellow bloggers who link with Sunday Stills Photo Challenge each week.

Hobby 3: Writing

I have mostly finished the first draft of my next book, No Excuses Fitness. My daughter, an aerospace engineer and CrossFit enthusiast, is reading it with a critical eye and has already made some excellent suggestions and edits!


I would have never thought about self-publishing if it not been for my blog. I have met many self-published authors through blogging and am now a fan of their published works.

Hobby 4: Caring for my Dogs

Brodie swims for the stick

I don’t know if caring for my fur-babies counts as a hobby since I consider Aero and Brodie part of the family, but they do provide us with endless shenanigans and smiles!

At the Sacramento River Delta a few weekends ago, I enjoyed photographing Aero chasing a ball on the beach, while making sure Brodie chased sticks in the river. They know the word “delta” and stop in their tracks when I utter the word.

Aero the dog chases the ball on the beach

Sport 1 & 2: SUP and Windsurfing

When I met my husband 10 years ago, I had no idea my life would have ever been this exciting! His passion for windsurfing has opened unexpected doors to leisure pastimes I had never considered. He remembered I was athletic in high school, so it was natural for me to jump into windsurfing and stand-up paddling.

SUP session at the delta

I have not windsurfed at all this summer and I’m told there were many non-windy days. I prefer SUPing anyway!

The next evolution of board sports is foiling, giving board sports enthusiasts another way to enjoy these sports. Riding on this foil lifts the board out of the water and creates a smooth ride even on a light-wind day.

Windsurf foiling

Here, you can get an idea of the special board and the size of the foil.

Brodie keeps a watchful eye as his “dad” prepares to launch!

Brodie watching a windsurfer.

Hobby 5: Weekend Camping and Beyond

Truck and Trailer

We have had our travel trailer since spring 2018 and have made excellent use of it, by camping two summers in the delta at our windsurf club’s campground. Alas, the season ends this month and we move our trailer back to storage. However, we hope to camp with the trailer a couple of weekends this fall, perhaps driving north to Lake Siskiyou or to Lake Tahoe before it gets too cold.

We are repeating our winter road trip in late December into January as we head south to San Diego and into Arizona and Nevada. If you are new to my blog, you can read more about our travel travails from earlier this year!

Need some hobby inspiration? Check out Kaiser Permanente’s article on the benefits of having a hobby and enjoying leisure time.

I’m betting you will find a selection of images of sports and hobbies to share and I can’t wait to see what you come up with this week!

Go forth and enjoy your leisure time!

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87 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Your Favorite #Sport or #Hobby

  1. Look at all the comments your photographs have inspired. Those pup pictures are fabulous. I miss my pups so much and would like to have another dog in the future but maybe not til life slows down. You live such a full, rich life and capture it so beautifully.

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  2. Your range of hobbies makes this blog so interesting to read! I loved watching the lifecycle of your sunflowers on Instagram! And your daughter! Wow! An aerospace engineer! How impressive! I look forward to reading your next book!

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  3. Look at you, standing up strong on your paddle board, celebrating a healed foot and a fit body. You know how to enjoy everything – what a great model you are, Terry. I love that Aero and Brodie get in on all the action.

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      1. Thank you dear Terri, it’s a pleasure and thank you so much for hosting this lovely challenge 🤗💖🌺 xxx

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  4. Isn’t it great what words dogs can pick up on? My two can even tell the time. They know when it’s 11 am and time for their mid-morning snack, and they know when it’s 6 pm and time for their dinner. Toby, especially, knows the words Bath, Brush, Collar, and Rice Pudding!

    I love your gardening photos. My partner is a very keen gardener. However, he dislikes this time of the year when he’s getting the garden ready for winter. The garden furniture has already come in for the winter season.

    I think you’d make a lot of money selling your photography at arts fayres, Terri. Something certainly worth considering.

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    1. My daughter’s plumeria (in San Diego) just bloomed–but they grow well there. We had too many 90 degree-plus days for me to spend much time on the water, Graham, but if the warm days continue, I might take the inflatable SUP out to a nearby lake soon!

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      1. It’s been hot here too and, sadly, the water has been very warm too, with a major coral bleaching event predicted. Don’t know whether the coral will recover from this one.

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    1. And that what life is all about, Frank, learning and enjoying something new! I got lots of good seeds from my sunnies this time around (I might actually know what I am doing). Hope your sunflower garden didn’t take over the whole neighborhood 😉


    1. Thanks, Donna! Some friends hunt their Boykin Spaniels (Brodie) but we don’t hunt. Both our pups enjoy being around the water, and therefore share our hobbies. They like to travel, too, on roadtrips and they are just so good!


  5. Terri, we have paddle boarding, gardening and photography in common. In about a month I will be attempting to grow blue bonnets from seeds that I picked up in Texas. Haven’t gotten off the tennis court long enough to do much paddle boarding this summer, but I have taken hundreds of photographs which I continue to add to our annual shutterfly book, post on Instagram and use in my blog posts. Selling photos is tricky unless you are getting a really, really good price on production. I have a few friends who were fairly successful with calendars. I am content to keep sharing mine for free. I don’t even watermark them. Contenting yourself with the things you love is what life is all about. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Suzanne! I played tennis years ago before the knee issues, any exercise can become a passion! I thought about calendars but maybe as Christmas presents, but I’m like you, I just share for fun!


  6. Nice list of hobbies and sports and beautiful photos to go with them, Terri. Like Janis, the one of Aero chasing the ball is my favorite. So darn cute and fun!

    I’d have to post ALL my photos for this theme! 🙂 Since traveling (and everything that comes with it, like hiking and sightseeing and photographing) is my main hobby and, these days, I take about 300 photos a week of which I probably delete 100 and organize the rest. It’s keeping me busy, together with the blogging.

    Before all this technology and full-time travel, I used to play volleyball, which was my main hobby/sport. None of that anymore. It’s been ages since I picked up a ball! I also read much more than I do now.

    While writing used to be a hobby, I now see it more as a job… Luckily, I still enjoy heaps. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Liesbet! Yes you would have to post everything, you are living the leisure lifestyle! I could see you playing volleyball, I’ll bet you loved it! I miss seeing my daughter play! I suppose blogging is a hobby too, but that goes without saying. Yes, Aero made quite the energetic subject running on the beach! I got my exercise between running to take shots of Aero and throwing the stick for Brodie in the river.

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  7. You sure know how to keep busy!! I’m with you on photography and writing (although never published a book – yet!) I’m envious of your sunflower – mine was too tiny to grow seeds worthy of harvesting. That is so cool that yours did. I’m glad your healing well. I enjoy following you on Instagram and joining in with you here when I’m able. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and week! Here’s my link for today –

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