It was two years ago that the now-defunct WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge had “layers” as its theme.

It seems like the right time to experiment with some layers for the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge this week.

I thought I would approach this week’s Sunday Stills’ theme with a seasonal look at layers.

Fall Layers

I responded to that WordPress challenge with this one since I love Fall leaves so much. These are the wonderful ginkgo leaves found on the Sacramento State campus in November.

Layers of Yellow Leaves

We still have our typical 90-degree heat for most of September, so the look and feel of Autumn comes a little later, usually by October.

Winter Layers

Layers of altitude in this central valley view of the High Sierras, from the sea-level orchards to the 13,000 feet elevation.

Snowy mountains
A look at the snowy Sierras on the drive home.

But photographing layers is not just about landscape photography.

Spring Layers

You can find layers in macro photography as well. Here we have layers of raindrops on layers of rose petals.

layers of droplets on layers of  rose petals

Summer Layers

And one of my favorites from November 2014 when I first started blogging, this perspective I call the “long walk up.”

a long walk up from Lake Tahoe shore
Long Walk Up

I had originally thought of “homework” as a Sunday Stills theme but nixed it in favor of layers. But just for fun, you can see an example of the layers of homework I will have to grade later this Fall.

Stack of papers to be graded
Stack of papers to be graded

I hope everyone had a nice summer break. I am starting to see more bloggers back to it. I’m sure you have new and old images that depict layers!

Please join me in welcoming four “new” photobloggers who shared their works for Sunday Stills in August. Chasing the Blooms, QueenandIni, Beautiful Photographs, and Travels and Trifles.

In the spirit of sharing, please visit Sally’s blog Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – # Potluck, where my oldie-but-goodie posts are being featured this month.

Until next week!


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83 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Seasonal #Layers

  1. I love rocks and geology so your featured image is my favorite! I”m not so crazy about the piles of papers, though 😩😜😆 But you always see the theme in all aspects of your life! Well done!

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  2. A unique way of interpreting layers – so many things to consider as the layers of our lives. You’ve got a great eye for capturing layers in all places. “The Long Walk Up” is most interesting to me, embracing the theme in layers of steps as well as layers of terrain. I’d love to sit in the house at the top and paint.

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      1. Thank you Terri! For me this is not a reason. .com is too restrictive and expensive too (the pro version). I had it when I first started with WP in 2014. Although things are more complicated that I thought (and for sure different than the classic HTML sites), I am still a pro graphic/web designer and I have to maintain the custom way of doing things… 🙂

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  3. You’ve chosen great examples for layers. If I had to choose my favorite, I think the one with the stairs or the leaves or the mountains or the dewdrops…okay, I can’t choose. Each one is special in its own way. Nice job!

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  4. So glad to check out your photos of layers before seeking my own subject for this prompt. There are some stunning rocks and rock formations between El Paso and Phoenix, near Tucson, AZ that I wish I could photograph for this week. Your photos never disappoint. I like the idea of layers of homework but glad I don’t have to be on the grading end of that!

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  5. The layers of homework sure are seasonal!!! (oy, vey, I had a glimpse into my VERY near future–as in, in an hour in prep for tomorrow and the next day and the next … ) 😉
    Love the yellow leaves photo (even if I like it a little less to realize they’ll soon be carpeting the ground here and what that will MEAN … ;))
    Here’s my little haiku photo contribution:

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      1. I share the good fortune of beautiful fall (New York can have spectacular foliage) AND I don’t have to rake any leaves … (the realities of living in Manhattan, I guess … ;)) – I don’t think I’d mind raking, really! For if I had a yard for leaves, I’d also have a goat … (again). Sigh.
        In any event, I can appreciate the ebb and flow of routine and the snuggling into the layers of fall. Just want another two months of summer, is all … 😉

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      2. Yeah. Pretty area, too! People I know who live not far from San Fran love love LOVE the lingering summer-into-fall. I don’t know that they love the cold wet fog quite as much, but it’s a package deal ..

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