Sunday Stills: Photographing #Near and #Far

This week, our Sunday Stills photo challenge is to photograph something from afar, then get close to the object or scene and take a close-up or image from a reasonable distance to show more details. Reach into your archives or take some new photos for the challenge. This week’s challenge was inspired by the following … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Photographing #Near and #Far

Sunday Stills: The People’s National #Parks

Did you know that today, Sunday, August 25th is the National Park Service Anniversary? So what, right? The NPS celebrates this day along with two other days with FREE entrance to all US national parks! “For the first time in human history, land—great sections of our national landscape—was set aside, not for kings or noblemen … Continue reading Sunday Stills: The People’s National #Parks

The Legend of the Face of Half Dome

Yosemite's history includes Native American legends and lore to explain how the monolithic granite structures came to be. Many generations ago, long before the Great Spirits completed their work on the cliffs and domes in the Valley of Ahwahnee, Tis-sa-ack and her husband, Nangas, traveled to the fertile valley to make it their home. As … Continue reading The Legend of the Face of Half Dome

Half-Dome in the Half-Light

Another entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light. While recently in Yosemite National Park, I captured several photos of Half-Dome. The image of Half-Dome is the well-known icon of Yosemite. I usually visit in the summertime, so it was nice to get my own photos with snow on the peaks. "Come forth into the light … Continue reading Half-Dome in the Half-Light

Face and Backside of Half-Dome

Half and Half If you have ever been to Yosemite National Park in California, you will see the massive granite dome standing majestically at the eastern end of Yosemite Valley. This iconic glacier-carved monolith is the most iconic and recognizable symbol of Yosemite. For the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week's theme is half-and-half. Here are … Continue reading Face and Backside of Half-Dome