This week, our Sunday Stills photo challenge is to photograph something from afar, then get close to the object or scene and take a close-up or image from a reasonable distance to show more details. Reach into your archives or take some new photos for the challenge.

This week’s challenge was inspired by the following photographs of a small grove of ornamental cherry trees on a residential street in my neighborhood. They bloomed early in February and put on a “stop the car” show.

Small Tree Grove just in Bloom
Spring brings clouds of blossoms
From 2017

Once I got out and took the shot, I walked closer and noticed the blossoms were alive with bees!

Blossoms and Bee up close

I am glad I took these when I did, as the north winds have since blown away the delicate blooms.

This photo was taken at 20,000 feet on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego over Yosemite Valley. Not bad for a window shot and I took the liberty of marking the main peaks for you. What is astounding to me is to be able to see the high country of Tuolumne Meadows at the top portion of the image!

Yosemite Peaks from Afar

As close as I can get is this shot of Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite Valley. My brother and my two daughters have taken the hike up Half Dome. It is strenuous and I admire those who can devote an entire day (12-15 hours) to the hike. This is close enough for me, thank you.

Half Dome View from Glacier Point
Half Dome View from Glacier Point

Valley floor view of Half Dome in Spring, shrouded with clouds.

Clouds Hide Half-Dome in early spring

Ten years ago, in February 2010, was my first trip to Baja Sur, Mexico to meet my not-yet husband on his windsurfing vacation in La Ventana. We toured the area south of there and came across these lighthouses. The shorter one was in the process of being replaced by the active, taller structure. With binoculars, you can see this peninsula from La Ventana and you can make out these structures (don’t have that shot to share with you).

Lighthouses from Afar

We were able to climb into the old lighthouse for the “near” shot you see of me!

Inside the Lighthouse

As host of Sunday Stills, I am always pleased whenever you share your photos each week. I am always excited to welcome new bloggers who join the challenges. Please welcome and visit our five new participants who joined in February!

I’m linking with this week’s Lens Artist Challenge Change Your Perspective!

Open Your Eyes, Too!, Unfold and Begin, Ramya Tantry, Jacqui Biggar–Author and Zebra’s Child.

Of course, I always take my own challenges literally, but you can be as creative as you wish! Have a great week!

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63 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Photographing #Near and #Far

  1. I am still learning the my laptop. I m sure I must have plenty of pictures for this theme as I had my husband take 3 pictures of plants for identification. One of the environment, next a closeup of the plant and finally a closeup of the flowers.

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  2. I’m with you Terri, and usually take it very literally as well! I love your explanation and had written and published my post before yours, due to time differences, but I hope I’ve managed to capture some of the near and far in my post

    I love the shots you’ve shared especially that dome mountain and your beautiful flowers. A great thought provoking post! Thanks Terri.

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  4. Don’t those mountains and peeks look so small from way above, yet when we stand next to them, our eyes see a different show, Terri. You have an excellent theme for this weeks challenge, and one I am going to have a look through my photo album to see if I have anything. If I come up with anything, I’ll publish it for WordlessWednesday and link back to you too.

    That last shot is a great one. I hope it wasn’t a long way down when you were looking down. I can see that you were holding on tightly, though.

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    1. I couldn’t believe my luck in capturing such a clear image from 30,000 feet. When I flew to San Diego over the weekend, the peaks had plenty of snow on them. Yes, I was holding on tightly in that old lighthouse. It’s Mexico, so it could have been more dangerous. I hope you find a photo fornthe theme, Hugh, looking forward to it and perhaps a story to eventually go with it?

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  5. I love the cherry blossoms, Terri. One of our plum trees has full blossoms and I saw a whole bunch of bees dance around. We’ll have many many plums again this year. We picked 1,100 plums last year. The last time we went to Yosemite was about 15 years ago. You airplane view was great. Great perspectives!

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  6. It’s nice to see your precious Yosemite featured again, Terri. Such a beautiful park. I hope to hike Half Dome one day as well. The three times I visited the national park, it was either with dogs or my parents. Dogs are not allowed on most trails. Yes, I know, parents ARE allowed, but as you mentioned, it’s a big and long commitment, only for the very fit, and there are so many other hikes and sights in Yosemite! Happy new Sunday (I’m running behind again).

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