Sunday Stills: #Awakening of Leisure


Have the last few weeks of staying at home awakened something in you?

The dictionary describes awakening as a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something. The example? a rude awakening to the disagreeable facts. That about explains it!

Awakening can mean the revival of an old interest or trying a new hobby. Lately, most of us have plenty of time to explore some new interests or revive old ones.

We call this leisure. We might have too much right now. Oh darn.

Some folks have awakened their creativity with crafts and art projects. Since I was a teen, I have enjoyed sewing. My old machine finally gave up, so I will be looking for a new one soon. Maybe one that quilts and embroiders!

Over the years, I tried a variety of other crafts like scrapbooking, rug hooking, crochet, and something called yarn art or “tuck and cut.” Some long abandoned, as shown in the picture. Anyone remember macramé?


As a young adult, I painted and drew with pen and ink and oil pastels. Once the kids were born, I put most of those projects away. I dabbled in painting 11 years ago after I met my husband and created this for him. Acrylic on a water-eroded wood plank.

My interpretation of a windsurf sunset. Painted by me in 2009.

Others have spent more time in their own backyards gardening, lounging, and pruning, not necessarily in that order. Many of us have grabbed our lenses and taken a closer look at flowers, insects, and birds that inhabit our yards or have spent time organizing digital and hard-copy photos.

Sunflowers awaken a petal at a time.

lazy opening of sunflower petals

Still others are just experiencing the awakening of spring in the northern hemisphere after a long winter or enjoying the fall in the southern hemisphere.

Awakening of spring and bee

Perhaps you have awakened to the idea of exploring more writing projects or registering for an online education course.

Of course, every morning we awaken to a new day.

The difference a new day makes in our quest for change

Here in Northern California, dawn comes early (5:30am) I recently began a Biblical-based meditation series called soul space. The app directs you through a 5-minute meditation that begins the day quietly and calmly, just what I need to combat monkey-mind!

I just read that Sacramento County along with the San Francisco Bay area upgraded stay-at-home orders through May 22, with some re-opening of services and leisure spaces. The American River Bike Trail has been open during this time. When I need a workout, and to clear my head, a 60-minute bike ride works for me!

Biking along American River Bike Trail

What has awakened in you these past weeks as we continue to stay at home? Show us in photos, music, poetry, and stories.

Sharing for Jude’s Being Creative with Light and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I am pleased to share that we welcomed 8 new Sunday Stills participants in April. Please visit if you haven’t already. Backroads and Other Stories, Bellazaria, Easin’ Along, JP the Wide-Eyed Wanderer, Louis Dallara Photography, Stine Writing, Susan Rushton, and Transition of Thoughts.

My hope is we, as the resilient human beings that we are, will continue to enjoy and explore our newly awakened or revisited leisure pastimes!

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Sunday Stills: A #Tropical Garden Vacation

Hawaii Big Island Hamakua Coastline

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen several of my images taken in and around the Hilo area while on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I also shared a post with some tropical images for my recent post Thursday’s #Hilo Doors with a View.

It makes sense (at least to me) that this week’s Sunday Stills theme is “tropical.”

I celebrated my spring break in Hawaii at my husband’s urging. He wanted one more week off before the summer rush begins at his work. We own a small house in up-country Hilo that needs some major repair and construction, right up hubby’s alley. Apparently working on his house is therapeutic for him.

With hubby working on the house 20 miles away, I was left to my own devices back at the B&B where we stayed. I spent two days alone working on a variety of projects, took walks, and of course, took hundreds of pictures! Did I mention the 75 degree temperatures? Hilo can be very rainy but the weather cooperated most days, with overcast skies only part of the time.

Hawaii Big Island Hamakua Coastline
View of Hamakua Coastline north of Hilo (photo was edited using Paintt filter)

While enjoying the tropical surroundings, I also had the chance to meet up with fellow blogger, Graham, from Graham’s Island. If you enjoy reading about the Big Island of Hawaii, Graham takes amazing photos while explaining something interesting about his subject.

Graham kindly offered to make the two-hour drive from the North end of the island to meet me at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens.

With cameras in tow, we walked the trails and shot oodles of flowers and plant life. One of the first flowers we spotted was this purple hibiscus hybrid called “Blue Bayou.” Stunning!

Purple hibiscus flower
“Blue Bayou” Hibiscus hybrid

A tropical garden path overgrown with flowers and plants paved the way for more sites than I could possibly see!

Pathway in the Botanical Gardens
Pathway in the Botanical Gardens

We came across this Crimson Medinilla from the Phillipines hanging like Christmas ornaments.

crimson medinilla red flower
Crimson Medinilla flowers hang like Christmas ornaments

Of course, we stopped every few feet to capture these amazing plants with our lenses. A great photographer like Graham here leans in for that special shot!

Man shooting flowers with camera
Graham getting that macro shot!

We came upon the Malaysian Bat Plant, which really is this color black!

Malaysian Bat Black Flowering Plant
Malaysian Bat Plant

Another hibiscus flower, this one a peachy-orange. Yellow hibiscus is the Hawaii state flower.

Orange hibiscus
Orange hibiscus

The iconic Hawaiian flower, the plumeria, was not in bloom quite yet, but here is one just for fun! Graham has a yearly pass to the gardens and says he sees different flowers each time he visits. There is a chance we may go back to the Big Island to work on the house this Fall, so I hope to see these gorgeous, fragrant flowers!

Walking through the gardens yielded views like this if you stopped and looked up!

Pointy, spiky tropical rain forest
Banyans and Palm Trees reach for the sky

This image of the tropical forest with its spikes, spires and jagged edges is submitted for Becky B’s last day of March Spiky Squares.

I am also sharing these banyan and palm trees with Becca’s Sunday Trees!

Here is one more beautiful little flower, an orchid perhaps?

botanical garden flower
Cute little flower…no clue as to what it is!

I’ve lost count of the many bloggers I have met in person over the last few years and was so pleased to be able to meet up with Graham in Hawaii! We had an enjoyable time and ate lunch in Hilo before he drove me back to the B&B! Visiting the botanical gardens was one of the highlights of this trip to the Big Island.

Today, I am also sharing these tropical blooms for Cee’s Flower of the Day!

April themes are available for view on my Sunday Stills page so you can plan ahead. Remember you can post any time during the week for each theme.

I can’t wait to see your tropical-themed images, poems, stories, even music this week!


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#Jagged Edges–Signs of Spring

Spiky Spring Flower

Despite Northern California’s torrential rains and flooded rivers, Spring is gradually making an appearance.

Walking the dogs around my neighborhood in between rain showers, I discovered these lovely flowers, some kind of daisy?

Spiky Spring Flower

Right outside my front door is my American Beauty Rose bush showing signs of spring after yet another shower.

Delicate Drops and Spikes

I admit this photograph is off square just a little to capture the jagged edges of the brand new leaves.

These lovelies were taken with my trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone.

I am having some fun with Becky B’s March photo challenge, Spiky March Squares. I’m also sharing the daisy for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.

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Sunday Stills: #Orange You Glad?

Great pumpkins

Yes, I know it’s a silly blog title, but aren’t you? Glad, I mean, now that with Halloween almost upon us the holiday season is officially here?

I’m not sure if I’m particularly glad about the hustle and bustle with shopping and more traffic, but I’m very much looking forward to the road trips to visit family.

Whatever your feelings about the holiday season, I love the color orange because it seems like such a happy color!

According to an online source:
“Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

Although I personally don’t wear bright orange because my redhead complexion couldn’t take it, I do wear muted shades of orange like peach, salmon, and rust.

Fellow blogger and over-50 fashion guru Jodie shares her ideas on orange as a fashion statement.

I naturally have surrounded myself with the color orange. My home has two pumpkin-colored accent walls in the kitchen and dining room. My updated white brick fireplace now sports some Autumn decor on the mantle.

hello fall

When we got married 5 years ago, I chose a non-traditional wedding ring that boasts an orange sapphire!

wedding ring

Does the color orange make you happy? Here are a few more of mine to get you started:

An end of summer delta sunset from September. Everything was orange!

delta sunset

Of course, a post with the theme of orange would be incomplete without some Fall colors.

Autumn leaves and palm

I call this “California Autumn” because of the juxtaposition of fall leaves against the back drop of a palm tree.

This last image is also submitted for the following photo challenges:

Festival of Leaves

Sunday Trees

Cee’s Flower of the Day

Show us your versions of orange with your images! Link up below and see what other bloggers are posting this week! Or ping-back to this post so I can share your orange images on Facebook, Twitter and Mix!

November’s Sunday Stills themes are now available on my page.

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Flowers of the Day are Festive Autumn Leaves

Pink Autumn Leaves

Today seems like a great day to add my Autumn leaves to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge!

What intrigues me about the colors are the pink tones, found in nature no less!

Pink Autumn Leaves

This little tree was already decked out for Autumn while the rest of the tree is still green!

Still waiting for Autumn in Northern California to “fall!” Very unseasonable warm weather…temperatures range from low 80s in the day to mid-40s at night.

And because the tiny tree looks so festive, I’m submitting this to Dawn’s Festival of Leaves  photo challenge!

Autumn SIGNature