Have the last few weeks of staying at home awakened something in you?

The dictionary describes awakening as a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something. The example? a rude awakening to the disagreeable facts. That about explains it!

Awakening can mean the revival of an old interest or trying a new hobby. Lately, most of us have plenty of time to explore some new interests or revive old ones.

We call this leisure. We might have too much right now. Oh darn.

Some folks have awakened their creativity with crafts and art projects. Since I was a teen, I have enjoyed sewing. My old machine finally gave up, so I will be looking for a new one soon. Maybe one that quilts and embroiders!

Over the years, I tried a variety of other crafts like scrapbooking, rug hooking, crochet, and something called yarn art or “tuck and cut.” Some long abandoned, as shown in the picture. Anyone remember macramé?


As a young adult, I painted and drew with pen and ink and oil pastels. Once the kids were born, I put most of those projects away. I dabbled in painting 11 years ago after I met my husband and created this for him. Acrylic on a water-eroded wood plank.

My interpretation of a windsurf sunset. Painted by me in 2009.

Others have spent more time in their own backyards gardening, lounging, and pruning, not necessarily in that order. Many of us have grabbed our lenses and taken a closer look at flowers, insects, and birds that inhabit our yards or have spent time organizing digital and hard-copy photos.

Sunflowers awaken a petal at a time.

lazy opening of sunflower petals

Still others are just experiencing the awakening of spring in the northern hemisphere after a long winter or enjoying the fall in the southern hemisphere.

Awakening of spring and bee

Perhaps you have awakened to the idea of exploring more writing projects or registering for an online education course.

Of course, every morning we awaken to a new day.

The difference a new day makes in our quest for change

Here in Northern California, dawn comes early (5:30am) I recently began a Biblical-based meditation series called soul space. The app directs you through a 5-minute meditation that begins the day quietly and calmly, just what I need to combat monkey-mind!

I just read that Sacramento County along with the San Francisco Bay area upgraded stay-at-home orders through May 22, with some re-opening of services and leisure spaces. The American River Bike Trail has been open during this time. When I need a workout, and to clear my head, a 60-minute bike ride works for me!

Biking along American River Bike Trail

What has awakened in you these past weeks as we continue to stay at home? Show us in photos, music, poetry, and stories.

Sharing for Jude’s Being Creative with Light and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I am pleased to share that we welcomed 8 new Sunday Stills participants in April. Please visit if you haven’t already. Backroads and Other Stories, Bellazaria, Easin’ Along, JP the Wide-Eyed Wanderer, Louis Dallara Photography, Stine Writing, Susan Rushton, and Transition of Thoughts.

My hope is we, as the resilient human beings that we are, will continue to enjoy and explore our newly awakened or revisited leisure pastimes!

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Awakening of Leisure

  1. I enjoyed creating today’s post. It is good to think about awakenings in the middle of all the gloom. Like you I went for vibrant colours.

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    1. Thank you, dear Donna! We spent yesterday at the delta day camping while hubby windsurfed. I could have been more active but the wind was cold and I just chased the dogs around on the beach. Hope you are staying safe too!


  2. I’m a bit like you Terri – have tried SO many things over the years. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, competitive swimming, horseback riding….I could go on and on. Thankfully photography, golf and piano have stuck and have served well during “lockdown”. Here’s hoping those who over-reacted to the lifting of regulations recognize the importance of continued precautions!

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  3. Well, I discovered banana bread again during this lockdown period. I wouldn’t say I have found my love of baking again because I’ve never been a good cook, but my love of banana bread came flooding back, Terri.

    I’ve also discovered that I can negotiate. With some contracts coming up for renewal, rather than just accept the new monthly price, I’ve called the supplier and negotiated myself a better deal. Now I’m paying less per month for my mobile phone, broadband and TV package. I’m proud of myself.

    But, best of all, I’ve discovered that I can sleep better. Not sure how, but since lockdown, I’ve slept far better than I ever did. That one I need to look into further, Terri.

    Have a great week.

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  4. Hi Terri, I love your painting of the wind surfer. You are artistic in many ways! I have taken up walking since I can’t swim right now. That is also necessary because I have also taken up baking. There is something very concrete and reassuring about baking things. I don’t even generally like to cook. Soon I will be able to plant flowers and my garden and then I love to tend to them. Gardening is a nice activity and gets me out for some sunshine and fresh air which is most needed these days.

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    1. Thank you, Michele! I had to chuckle at your need for walking correlates to your love of baking! I’m sure you are ready for warm weather, too. I just clicked to your blog and realized I didn’t get the email notification again.


  5. Loved this Terri, and I do love your artwork too. Yes, it’s time for the sheep to awake if not yet woke. Wake up calls surround us. The new world is giving birth to itself and the planet is shaken and stirred. A time for reflection and change for sure. Busy? I’m always busy, writing something, working on something and the hours pass. But I do remember decades ago making a few projects with rug hooking, lol. ❤

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  6. The acrylic that you created for Hans is marvelous. Perhaps you will try to reawaken that talent in this time of self-isolation. And you know I adore your macro-sunflowers. You’ve inspired me to give the art of macro making one more try (I’ve failed miserably in previous attempts. I hope you enjoyed the bike ride! Great to hear some leisure spaces are reopening by you.

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  7. How lovely to begin my morning with thoughts of the miracle of beginnings. Your photos are always a treat, Terri.

    I painted six small watercolors for my grandchildren and sons and daughters-in-law. Watercolor is a media I’m still learning but painting brought me peace during this anxious crisis.

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