Today is National Pet Parents Day, but you don’t have to own a pet or even a dog to participate in this week’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge.

Our pets give us comfort with their unconditional love in times of need and uncertainty.

If you have followed my blog very long, you know I have been a happy pet parent since my teen years. Like children, our pets need to be fed and nurtured, loved and bathed (depending on your pet), and involved in our daily lives. We are pet parents to two wonderful Spaniels, Aero and Brodie. Below is my top dog, Aero, who will be 10 years old this July. I think he likes me!

Me and My Aero

Over the years I have had a lovebird, a parakeet, two goldfish, three cats, two horses, and three other dogs. I even found some tadpoles when I was five years old that quickly grew into frogs. They didn’t really need a pet parent.

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility. I think dogs are needier than most, with cats running a close second. However, as a teen, I remember my parakeet needing a lot of attention.

As a pet parent, I take my parenting responsibilities seriously. Enjoy my photo essay!

I clothe them and make sure toys are close by,

Dressed up dogs ready to play

I provide a safe shelter for sleeping or travel.

Aero doesn't like his kennel
You can see by Aero’s expression that he does NOT like his kennel!

I encourage daily quiet time and contemplation.

Brodie lounging in the backyard

They are the subjects of endless photography and art experiments.

Artistic Brodie
Artistic Brodie
Aero Birthday

Our dogs are lucky to go with us wherever we go! We are pretty lucky, too! They love road trips in the car. We go to the delta on weekends…

Brodie watching a windsurfer.

Of course they must play while we exercise.

SUPping with Aero
Hans & Brodie on SUP

They even went on a trip to the Grand Canyon! Lucky dogs!

Dogs at the South Rim of Grand Canyon

All that fun makes us tired, Mom and Dad!

Time to kiss Brodie good night!

Daddy loves Brodie

I am linking this post to this week’s photo challenges–Becky B’s Square Tops and new challenge (to me) Jude’s Travel Words Being Creative with Lines.

Not a pet parent? Are you a grand-pet-parent or temporarily looking after a pet during the pandemic? Perhaps the birds in your backyard feel like your pets, or you have a favorite animal you love to photograph? Be creative! I’m looking forward to what you will share as we celebrate National Pet Parents Day!

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74 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Who’s Your Top #Dog?

  1. Such a gorgeous collection of photos in all seasons. The deep bonds are obvious both in your text and images. We had a dog while our children were growing up. Such a loss when our beloved Bruiser left this earth. Perhaps another time we will enter a new chapter of pet loving again.

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  2. Terri, You Sunday Stills came at a very convenient time for me. During this isolation, I have converted hundreds of old slides to digital files and had the opportunity to spend some time with every pet that has shared our household. I moved those memories into this week’s Easin’ Along ( I apologize for the grainy pictures–some are forty years old. I was going for subject matter over quality. Thanks for asking. Stay safe! Joe


  3. What a fabulous post. Our lives are so much better for having animals in them. They bring so much joy. Love your photos and, as you know, I resonate very much! 😊

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  4. Same here, Terri. Our two dogs go everywhere with us, apart from the shops. They don’t like shopping, preferring instead for us to go and get everything they need.

    I had no idea that it was National Pet Parenting Day. One good thing I have heard about the lockdown is that many of the dogs and cats homes are almost empty because so many of them now have new loving homes.

    Here are my two dogs, which I know you’ve seen photos of many times.

    After I wrote a short story that featured them, they don’t appear as much on my blog anymore. I think that story spooked them out a little. However, I was delighted that they joined me for my Christmas charity appeal for Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

    Have a great week.

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    1. The calendar mentioned “National” Pet Parent Day, which probably means the US, Hugh. But every day should be as such since we love our pets every day. I’ve heard the same thing about shelters and stores having low inventory. Let’s hope it stays that way! Your corgis are delightful and I’m glad they inspired you to give to the charity!

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      1. I agree it should be every day, Terri. I think just about every day of the year now has something we should celebrate as it’s ‘national’ day. They probably vary from country to country, but some of them are great fun. We had one last year, which was ‘National Talk like a pirate day.” I didn’t attempt it, but some people did have a go and dressed up for the occasion.

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  5. Terri, I’ve always enjoyed your posts about your dogs. Love seeing the many photos here and knowing what good pet parents you are. We’ve also had many pets and many varieties over the years but have been pet free for a while. Hoping to get a dog but it won’t be soon, unfortunately. Have a name picked out!

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  6. Happy pet parent day, Terri! Dogs are so cute, especially when they sleep and stay out of trouble. 🙂 That’s what I keep saying when I observe our Maya sleep in bed. So spoiled! We take her anywhere with us, provide comfort and toys and food and water, and plenty of walks/hikes. She has a good life as well. But, she deserves it as her first four years were much less safe and exciting!

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  7. Nice photos, Terri. I hope you’re all continuing to do well. Nothing from me this week. No pets currently and I actually don’t have any dog photos. Currently, the only regular in the animal world around here is Hopalong the rooster and my thoughts about him aren’t too warm and fuzzy.

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