“Fleeting moments” is our Sunday Stills photo challenge theme this week. What exactly are fleeting moments and how are they measured?

Fleeting is used to describe something that lasts a very short time. Other words: short-lived, temporary, transient, and momentary.

“The present moment, though fleeting, is the only tangible moment. The rest are but a heap of memories.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Fleeting moments are often caught by the lenses of sharp-eyed photographers. As a visual person, I tend to remember many events on their dates because I shoot so many photos. Because they are cataloged by date, I can easily remember what I was doing and where because of a moment, whether memorable or fleeting.

“Nothing is ever the same twice because everything is always gone forever, and yet each moment has infinite photographic possibilities.” ~ Michael Kenna

Seasons and Weather

Weather also produces fleeting moments.

Our Autumn is still dragging out its Indian Summer with temperatures hovering in the mid-70F, 15 degrees above normal. Needless to say, our Autumn leaves are confused and haven’t changed much yet. I predict our temps will rapidly drop and give us a Fall fleeting moment of color. Stay tuned for that. For now, let’s go back to mid-November 2018 when we visited Spokane. As we walked along the leaf-strewn streets, we enjoyed beautiful fall leaves even this late.

Autumn in Spokane

Suddenly it snowed while we were visiting my in-laws’ home.

Sudden Snow Fall
Caught in the sudden snow

In a fleeting moment, the Harvest decorations were covered,

Too early for fallen snow

and the leaves had mostly fallen from the trees.

I needed a hot cup of coffee after all that!

Enjoying a cuppa Joe!

I predict this year’s Autumn to be a set of fleeting moments judging by the very warm temperatures here in Northeastern Washington, and the lack of Fall colors we usually get by now. Walking around my neighborhood, I suppose the only way I know Halloween is two weeks away is because there are some decorations up.

haunted halloween decorations
Fleeting Halloween season

The seasons also create special times of year to engage in leisure pastimes, in particular, wind sports. When the wind is up at the Sacramento River Delta, the surfers are out ASAP for the summer breezes. Below is what I feel is my iconic action shot. A fleeting moment indeed!


Inclement weather creates those moments when a photographer can capture unusual skies.

Coastal fog makes for nice fleeting photography moments, although if you live in it, it may feel like forever.

Oregon Coast Seastacks
Oregon Coast Seastacks

Sometimes we get lucky and the sky puts on a solar show. This time last year, I witnessed my first aurora borealis…from my front porch! Such a fleeting moment, I haven’t seen another one.

Aurora Borealis from my porch
Aurora Borealis from my porch

Loving our Pets

With our sweet pets living 10-15 years compared to the average human lifespan of 80-90 years, their time with us is certainly fleeting. I didn’t dream that after a visit to the veterinarian that Aero would be gone so quickly. I thought I had more time.

Aero cavorts on dog beach accompanied by his shadow and reflection
Fleeting moments of love, shadows and reflections

Leon left us in 2018 and Oreo crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2011.


“The object of art is to make eternal the desperately fleeting moment.” ~ Tennessee Williams

Painted Plumeria
Painnt-filtered early plumeria bloom

Nothing says “fleeting moments” like flowers. These are some of my favorites. Capturing dew or insects on flowers counts as fleeting moments, right?

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Inspiring Photo Challenges This Week

Each week I am inspired by my fellow bloggers’ photo challenges. I find it fun to incorporate these into my Sunday Stills weekly themes. 10 this week, wow!

This Week’s Featured Bloggers

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124 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Life is Made Up of #Fleeting Moments

  1. I love how you weaved the theme for the week. Lots of eye candy photos for Halloween/Autumn time too. The fallstreak cloud photo is great – we saw one of those formations just last week. Nature sure provides us with fleeting moments. PS – Hugs to you – it takes time to heal from losing a pet, the pain is fleeting for sure. 🤗

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  2. Fleeting moments are the reason behind taking photos of the same things over and over, right? 🙂 Lovely post, Terr, although I do chuckle and think that you and Marsha cover more things/challenges/etc. in one post more than any other bloggers I’ve ever seen. 🙂 And snow? Yeah! I want to see some.


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  3. Hi Terri,
    I love this concept and, since I’m much more of a story creator, I’m looking for how to use it within the construct of a persistent story. Obviously, the story would last, but how to best capture a fleeting moment with a story and get the same bang for the buck? A photograph is persistent but the image cannot likely be reproduced.
    thanks for the visit.

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  4. Wow, such a wealth of fleeting moments. Our entire life is made of them. No wonder we take so many pictures. The problem with photography is that while the moment is fleeting you are separated from it taking its picture. That’s why my friend Jean quit taking pictures after college. She wanted to enjoy the moment rather than capture it. She does have pictures, but not too many that she has taken. She stores her pictures in a gigantic box and when the family comes for holidays, the box always comes out. She has pictures of her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids all over her house. Though she is an excellent photographer, only a few of them are taken by her. She’s usually the one playing with the kids. 🙂 Unlike me who is taking the picture! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Marsha! I believe you can still be a part of the moment while taking the picture. I would rather have those photos than try to rely on my 60+ brain to remember them. I get a daily prompt via Amazon and One Drive of photos that were taken 1 year ago and beyond. I love seeing those shots and can reminisce. Pulitzer prizes go to those journalists who capture the compelling fleeting moment 😉 (Not that I would ever expect one, LOL)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, there’s my word for next year. I think of it every time I pick pictures out now! LOL. I think we are still part of the moment, but remember when we were walking with Kirstin, I lagged behind. I couldn’t be a part of your conversation because I was too busy taking pictures of you guys and other things along the way – like PPAC. So you are part and not part. It’s part of that different reality we all have as we are sharing our sides of the story. I’ll never know all that you two talked about as you walked along, but we all had a great experience.

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  5. I so adore your take on fleeting moments. Lots of fun memories for you. Us photographers are lucky because we remember so much of our fleeting moments because we capture them. 😀 😀 I’m assuming you are smoky as well as too warm for this time of year. Yesterday we had 89. We’ve had bad air quality now for over a week. It affects my lungs

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    1. Thanks, Graham! It was fun to meet my own challenge this week, lol! I’m out at the fall festival today and I will read and share the links on my post a bit later. BTW dental exams are the opposite of fleeting even if they only happen 1-2 times per year!

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  6. Hi, Terri,
    Fall in Eastern Tennessee is lingering for once, but if we get rain tonight, the leaves will be gone in one of those fleeting moments. I love the Aurora Borealis picture. Here’s my contribution from our visit to the mountains this week–Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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    1. I hope fall draws out a little longer for you, Joe! Stunning pic you shared, just the way I would picture it! I follow a local Facebook group “Nine Mile Aurora Chasers” and the admin really knows her stuff. I missed a couple of recent ones–too late or something.

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  7. Terri, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. I enjoyed reading your take on fleeting moments. Your pictures are all so beautiful. I agree with your post title “Life is made up of fleeting moments” and nature/ seasons/ weather gift us with them every day. I was out for a bike ride this morning to enjoy the fleeting Fall colours. The leaves look brilliant and gorgeous in the sunshine. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  8. Fleeting moments make me feel nostalgic, Terri. What beautiful photos and memories. I’m enamored with those skies – one of my favorite things to marvel over. I think you’re right that winter will probably arrive overnight. 🙂

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  9. Loved this one Terri – life really IS filled with fleeting moments isn’t it?! And yes, of course the ephemeral flowers that come and go and fill our world with their beauty. I’m hoping you’ll add this one to the L-A challenge this week as you flowers work wonderfully with Ann-Christine’s theme. Your snowstorm must have been such a shock – and so much fun! And of course I am insanely jealous of your having the northern lights from your own porch!!! Wishing you a terrific week

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Tina! I did link with Ann-Christine’s post today. The snow in our area can come out of nowhere so we’re keeping our fingers crossed it doesn’t come too soon! I hope to catch another aurora sooner than later!


    1. Thank you, Donna! The theme was rather inspired a few weeks back and I’m glad it’s resonated with so many. That surprise snow fall was crazy and fun a few years ago so we’re hoping that doesn’t happen again too soon! Leon and Oreo were pets together with Aero, they all lived wonderful long lives. I was blessed to have them with me.

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  10. From what I am hearing from family and friends across the country, fall may be fleeting everywhere. It seems everyone was enjoying unseasonably warm temps and then – bam – fall set in and the leaves changed and then fell off the trees almost simultaneously. Tonight promises to be our first really chilly night. We don’t have many trees so don’t get to enjoy the changing colors really.

    As I began reading your post, I was thinking of the fleeting smiles on a sleeping newborn. Those little half smiles that are often attributed to gas or colic. But they are so precious and so short-lived. Love the frosted leaves and Halloween decorations and the frosting you are wearing. You wear it well.

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    1. Aww so nice to hear from you dear Leslie! You may be right on about hot to cold weather. We have a prediction of 31 for the low by week’s end! The sweet facial expressions of babies are perfect examples of fleeting moments. I’ve learned how to dress for snow now that I’ve lived through 2 winters.


  11. Hi Terri, as you know this topic gave me a lot to think about! I really enjoyed your take on it using weather, seasons, and your quotes were just perfect. I agree with you that taking photos is capturing a fleeting moment and your iconic action shot is proof of that – it’s awesome! Thanks again for the weekly challenge and getting me thinking.

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  12. Lovely photos, Terri. Our long summer here in Vancouver is supposed to change to rain later this week. Most people are looking forward to it, as the drought warnings are getting scary. I just hope the rain doesn’t turn into another atmospheric flooding situation.

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  13. Love your post, Terri – fleeting moments, that’s life. A very accurate challenge title and beautiful photography. Thank you for linking, I am afraid I’m not that good at double dipping…so thanks for the nudge! Here are my flowers, their fleeting moments are moments of beauty that we need to recognise. Bless the camera inventors!

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  14. Great theme Terri, it gets to the essence of photography for me 🙂 I love your clouds which are fleeting indeed, their shapes changing constantly. Your flowers are lovely too and seeing the Aurora from your own home must be amazing!

    You got me thinking about street photography and those brief moments of connection when you photograph a person you’ll never see again: https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/gallery-fleeting-moments-in-indochina/

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  15. Another excellent subject for Sunday Stills, Terri.

    Your weather sounds very unseasonal. Has it changed since the post was published?

    No Indian Summer here in the UK. Autumn arrived on time, and we’ve lots of lovely autumnal colours. We’ve had some warm days and chilly nights but nothing in terms of an Indian Summer.

    Your Aurora Borealis experience must have been amazing. It’s something I’d like to see, but we live too far south to see them.

    Here’s something fleeting from where I live. We hardly ever see this snow forecast, given that we live on the coast, and the salty sea air melts all the snowflakes before they reach the ground.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


    1. Thank you, Hugh! That image is a fleeting moment indeed. Too bad you don’t get snow once in a while, but it gets old after a few weeks. We still have 2 more days of mid-70F sunny weather. Our night temps have dropped to just above freezing, but a winter blast begins Friday. Like Autumn was skipped this year. Last year the wildfires and smoky air gave us a long, drawn out, colorful autumn. Not so much this year. My upcoming WW post hints at the story 🙂

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  16. Beautiful images of snow-covered harvest decor and outdoor furniture Terri. The weather here has been “snaining” (a rain/snow mixture, but not sticking). I used the expression “Fall is fleeting” at the tail end of my post on Monday, having no idea “Fleeting Moments” was a prompt title, but I’ve always felt that Fall was fleeting when Winter (and even Summer) linger on and overstay their welcome. I’m so sorry to hear about Aero’s passing. I will miss seeing photos of both dogs going on walks with you. It’s been a tough year for your family’s losses of beloved pets this year. I remember one was lost after a coyote attack as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Linda. Fleeting moments indeed when it comes to loving our pets. My daughter really suffered when Gideon was attacked. As much as I hated to let little Aero go, it was for the best. He was Gideon’s younger brother and I know they both cavort together and do their morning howl in Heaven. Enjoy what’s left of your fleeting moments of fall. Ours mostly ends today with the arrival of a major winter storm.


      1. Letting go of pets is very difficult Terri. Yes, that’s right … Gideon was your daughter’s dog. I did not remember the name Gideon but did remember he was related to Aero from your prior post. You are right – they are joined again, cavorting and howling in Heaven.

        We have one last gasp of warm weather – sunny and in the 70s through Tuesday evening. I will make the most of it before the doom and gloom of Winter sets in. You’ll get lots of snowy pictures, but I am sure you would rather do without a major Winter storm.

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  17. I’ll miss the autumn leaves this year, Terri. September was not cold enough for the leaves to change colors. When I go to Portland again in November, it may start snowing (?). Your sky photos are gorgeous! When did you take the northern light photos? When we were in Port Angeles at the end of August, the news said we could see the northern light as south as Oregon, but we waited and didn’t see it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We barely had temps to make the leaves change here, too. Raining here and the cold is here, but so are the fall colors. I took the northern lights shot in October 2021. We’ve had a few more visible ones but I would have to drive out to a plateau at midnight next time 🤣 I assume your house sold and you have a new one?

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      1. I want to see the northern light for quite some years now. I’ll keep thinking about it. No, we withdrew three offers. We now decided to sell before we buy but the upcoming holidays may slow us down. 🙂

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  18. This is late, but let me say that I enjoyed the variety so much, Terri. The quote “Nothing is ever the same twice because everything is always gone forever, and yet each moment has infinite photographic possibilities.” also resonates with me a lot. The first part of the quote is something I’ve held onto for many years, and after I got into photography, I definitely agree with the second part. At some point, some memories may be very vivid, but because our ability to remember is limited and memories are fleeting, we may end up forgetting even what we think we won’t forget. I’m glad I have the photos to remind me of what I may have forgotten otherwise.

    Once again, I love your amazing cloud photos, but the frozen autumn leaves and Halloween decorations look as intriguing. Because the decorations are big and hovering over the fence, they might give some people a jump scare at night, haha. I didn’t know that Aurora Borealis can be seen in Oregon, from your porch at that. This is very cool.

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    1. I’m glad you could stop by, Gift. Let me correct you that I live in Northeast Washington where I saw the aurora–it’s actually a common occurrence to be able to see the northern lights from north of Spokane. I agree that taking pics helps us remember places and things we’ve seen. Have a great week!


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