Wordless Wednesday. Let your images tell the story.

“I could never resist the call of the trail.” Buffalo Bill

Walking dogs on a trail
Aero and Brodie love their neighborhood trails

“What really helps motivate me to walk are my dogs, who are my best pals. They keep you honest about walking because when it’s time to go, you can’t disappoint those little faces.” — Wendie Malick

Almost Autumn Trail
Strolling with Aero in September
Aero in Stroller
Aero’s First Ride in Stroller, taken in October 2020

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38 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: The Call of Autumn Trails

  1. Hi, Terri – Abolutely beautiful photos! As Fitbit has let you know, my walking has been WAY DOWN since we came back from our extended Vancouver-Edmonton-Kelowna-Las Vegas-Whistler trip and survived our dreaded covid experience. Since then, yoga has been more my speed. But I do plan to get my steps up again soon. Thank you for the challenge – it is very helpful.

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    1. Thank you Donna! I haven’t been super motivated to walk much this past few days, although I am doing some app-led workouts that don’t amount to too many steps. I started yoga this week–I love being able to record a couple PBS yoga programs and go through them. Still no steps, LOL! PS, my next door neighbors got covid for the first time despite vaccines and they have been hunkering down at home. I get it!

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  2. Where would we be without these beautiful places to walk, Terri? Walking is my main form of exercise, and you don’t need to pay gym membership to do it.
    Adorable photos of Aero in the stroller. I’ve seen them on sale in Harrods, but I won’t disclose the prices they were asking.
    I hope you’re having a lovely autumnal weekend.

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    1. I managed to walk in my former Sacramento neighborhood…great sidewalks, just not much to see. Thank you, Hugh. Aero’s stroller wasn’t priced too much (from Amazon). We are volunteering at the neighborhood harvest festival again–such fun and I supposed this will be the last warm weekend. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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