Wordless Wednesday. Let your Images tell the story.

autumn wild coneflower
October Coneflower, Nine Mile Falls 2021
October Autumn Central Oregon
Central Oregon, 2020
pink autumn leaves
Maple Leaves, Spokane, 2019
life is like riding a bicycle quote
Autumn cycling Lake Tahoe, 2015

Sharing for Marsha’s Writers Quotes Wednesdays: Fitness, Dawn’s Festival of Leaves, and Cee’s Flower of the Day

signature autumn

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51 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Best of Early October

  1. OMG, Terri,
    The top picture is frameable art! Great stuff! We’re camping in the GSM NP on Sunday, and I plan to drive up a few peaks to do some leaf peeping. Might not see the same color, but I hope to see a bit of color nonetheless. Thanks for sharing. Joe

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  2. I just love, love, love Fall … everything about it. Your photos are beautiful as usual Terri and sure capture the essence of this beautiful season. Our near-peak suddenly arrived (it was late, then predicted to be late October, but a cold snap last week turned most of the leaves, Maples and Locusts especially). I spent Saturday through Monday walking through large parks capturing the colors like you have here. Just in time because tonight we are having a storm with very gusty winds which will scatter those pretty leaves everywhere.

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      1. Here in SE Michigan, we barely dodged a hard freeze last weekend, but it has warmed to nearly 70 the last five days. Unfortunately, the bottom falls out tonight though and the weatherman said “no more of the nice stuff ’til next Spring.”

        I have written about my neighbor’s tree in my blog a time or two, so I have to share this story with you Terri. In the early 90s, new neighbors moved in next door – their first house. I recall them sitting holding hands after the slab was poured for their shed. I was doing yard work when they discovered a maple seedling in their front yard on the City property. They gazed at it, held hands, then together they dug around it and put dirt some dirt there. Behind my sunglasses, I was rolling my eyes. Next they bought a fence to put around it. I figured it would not last the first Winter and had I known that it would be as big as it is today, I’d have pulled that seedling out! They moved to a bigger house about five years later. The tree is huge now, soaring above the house, its roots lifting my City property and likely the sidewalk down the road. Most of the branches are on my property. A 20-yard bag job for the seasons’ leaves and two weekend afternoons to rake them. The current neighbor does not believe in raking and leaves them to blow wherever. You know those seedlings grow into big trees in the woods, but to have personally seen it (and scoffed at it) 30 years ago, I remain amazed.

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      2. Yes, the tree is gorgeous when it is bright red and a few years ago we had a light snowfall, mixed in with the red leaves, it was a beautiful sight. When I was growing up in Canada, we moved into a new sub, no trees at all, even by the time we moved over here in 1966.

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