Full moon captured within the thorny branches

This is as close to a Halloween-themed post as I will get. The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge uses Rounded as the theme.

I captured this full moon last year near Halloween with my phone! Really!  I used some post-editing effects with some tweaks in exposure, but it seems to work for this challenge.

For your consideration, here are two more orbs that rule Halloween night.

A real lighted orb to light an outdoor Halloween party

To celebrate our finished master bedroom addition in October 2015 (has it already been 2 years?) we hosted a little get-together on our deck and this lovely paper lantern lit the night efficiently! (Another cell-phone photo).

These Moody Blues lyrics come to mind describing the “cold-hearted orb,” the moon as it lights up the darkness of night.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room…

…Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight…
Red is grey and yellow white…

…And which is an illusion?

from Moody Blues, Nights in White Satin (Late Lament)
Nights In White Satin lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, T.R.O. INC.

Seems apropos for a Halloween-themed blog post!

And because I’m not a dark, creepy person and enjoy the color orange, pumpkins and jack o’lanterns, here is a cheery photo of happy pumpkins waiting to be taken home from their pumpkin patch in nearby Apple Hill. Will they grace a family porch as jack o’lanterns, or become wonderful pumpkin pies….or both?

Pumpkin Patch

Although I did not completely accept the “Seven Days, Seven Photos in Black & White Challenge” by long-time fellow blogger and amazing photographer Lucile De Godoy,   who was kind enough to nominate me, my featured image of the cold-hearted moon actually photographed in black and white. I admire those who can photograph in black and white…it is more difficult than one might think! Please stop by and visit Lucile’s blog and take a look at her beautiful photography!

Have a safe and sane Halloween! I’ll be passing out candy to the few neighbor kids who still trick-or-treat in our neighborhood!

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32 thoughts on “The Orbs that Rule #Halloween Night

  1. That full moon photo is captivating, Terri. I found myself staring into it for … I don’t know how long – lost track of time 🙂 Lucile’s photography is stunning. She certainly has a command of black of white. Happy Halloween, my friend! 🙂 💖

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  2. Your creativity and resourcefulness never fail you, Terri. Three in one! Lovely Halloween post and two more challenges covered.
    Thanks much for the shout out and for making the effort to link it to this post. Even if B&W is not your thing, you did very well.
    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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