Mountain Greenery; Green Sierra foothills
Green Sierra foothills

Still on my Spring Break and reveling in some quiet time. The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to share images that are green this week with the theme It IS Easy Being Green! Not that difficult since green is my favorite color!

Some of the photos of Yosemite were taken at this time last year when Spring kissed the valley with lovely shades of green, blooms and lots of water. The featured image is of the beautiful green, rolling foothills of California’s Gold Country near Sutter Creek.

Enjoy some more mountain greenery in this gallery.

When titling this post “Mountain Greenery,” it brought to mind the old 1960s Dick Van Dyke Show. In this YouTube clip, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke sing and dance to “Mountain Greenery.” This series is one I never tire of watching!

This oldie but goodie song is linked to Hugh’s Views and News 51 Weeks, 51 Songs from the Past and the lovely Ritu’s Blog But I Smile Anyway for her Musical March series.

All of the above blogging and photo challenges are free to join most anytime. Please visit and participate when you can!


58 thoughts on “Mountain Greenery

  1. Beautiful shots, Terri. Where did you stay in Yosemite last spring? Did you take Aero? Unfortunately, it is way too cold at night still to camp, but we would like to go back there for a weekend with Lola, and dogs are not allowed in park lodgings, which are pricey anyway… Staying outside the park would mean too much driving every day to get to the sights. 😦

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    1. We actually stayed just outside the park at Yosemite lodge (I think). about a 30 minute drive to and from. Too expensive to stay inside, and yes too cold for camping. There are two motels right outside the park, pretty reasonable, and not really that far away. We packed the car, parked in day use, early, and stayed all day, biking am using the tram.

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  2. Gorgeous photos and man, do I need to see some green! Of course we do have evergreens here in Maine and so I do have green year round. But that lush green with flowers…be still my heart. Great post rounded out with the video.

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  3. Stunning photography, as ever, Terri. And the music clip was so much fun. Oh, how they don’t make them like that anymore. I did feel quite sorry for the lady sat in the chair behind Mary Tyler Moore, though. She looked so excluded, but I bet she was having a fantastic time. Thanks for linking up to my mucic feature.

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  4. Terri, the photos are glorious and awe-inspiring – what an amazing holiday location. The colours are so vibrant, the green most of all! 😀😀 The song was a lot of fun to listen to and New to me! Happy Holidays! ❤️

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