Kaye shares valuable advice for navigating airport security, planning for purchases and dealing with germs.

I am pleased to share my review of Have Bags, Will Travel, written by fellow blogger and author, D.G. Kaye.

Author D.G. Kaye About the Author
Canadian D.G. Kaye is a non-fiction writer of memoirs about life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues. She is the author of five books to date: Conflicted Hearts, Meno-What? A Memoir, Words We Carry, Have Bags, Will Travel, and P.S. I Forgive You.

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Speaking of blogs, head over to Debby’s blog DGKayewriter and read her recent post Caribbean Tales and Tips and Shopping, if you didn’t get enough of this book. Debby’s blog is not just about her fabulous books, but includes reviews of other bloggers (myself included) and lots of great blogging advice!

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Now for the book! To get you started, here is an excerpt from her chapter Airport Security:

Book Cover Have Bags, Will Travel DG Kaye
Used with permission

“Returning home from a vacation is always a nerve-racking event for me. Instead of flying home and basking in the memories of the wonderful time I’ve just had on vacation, I repeatedly go through my receipts from the trip so I can carefully calculate how not to exceed the fixed limit we’re allowed to bring back without penalty. I must remember which receipts correspond to the tags I’ve already cut off so I can take them out of the pile. More math!

Most people don’t worry about such things—but I have to. It’s practically like my face is on a milk carton: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN SHOPPING? For decades now, I’ve been consistently pulled over at customs. A planeload of people pick up their luggage and sail through the exit doors to freedom, and one person (and her husband) get singled out for interrogation. This happens on ninety percent of my trips. Why is it that I’m picked out of two hundred and fifty passengers to be interrogated? I lament, but I’m familiar with all the tricks by now: don’t wear flashy jewelry, don’t dress up, try to blend in. I can’t help it, though. I have what I’ve identified as shopping face. . . “

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5 stars My Five Star Review:

What I love about this novella-length book beside the fact that it’s a fast, entertaining read, is Kaye’s hilarious look inward at herself and her serious addiction to shopping. Her book reads like a series of fun blog posts, highlighting her signature, conversational style, while sharing useful travel information!

A seasoned traveler (well, except for the over-packing part—but life is short, right?), Kaye deftly reminisces her early days of travel when life was simple and “travel was a joy.” (Before TSAs!). She then describes how her obsessive shopping habit has created the need for smart packing and planning.

With everything she has purchased over the years, one would guess she has an extra house for all her goodies! Kaye’s love for travel and adventure is evident as she shares hilarious exploits and nail-biting moments on her many trips that include London, Paris, Venezuela, the Greek Islands, and on to Las Vegas and Arizona.

Kaye shares valuable advice for navigating airport security, planning for purchases and dealing with germs. Her idea of packing sockettes in her purse to wear through the TSA line after removing her shoes is brilliant.

Kaye’s chapter “Admitted Germ Freak” resonates with all of us as we hear more of the dirt, grime and germs associated with hotel rooms, public restrooms, and restaurants.


Like Kaye, I do love to shop and often bring souvenirs and must-have bargains and other items home with me, whether by plane or by car.

I would like to say I’m a travel buff myself, but I have not traveled abroad other than to Mexico (I live in California so that’s not saying much!). The very thought of over-packing, paying extra fees or having my bags gone through at airports, makes me want to travel by car! My hubby and I have paid for a heavy, extra bag at airports in Mexico, but that big duffel was filled with windsurf supplies like wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and other water-related gear for both of us. I think I brought four pairs of shoes for my last windsurf vacation, and one of those pair was my water booties!

Spring is just around the corner and travel for many is imminent. Pick up Have Bags, Will Travel today!


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  1. Wow Terri, I’m so sorry I missed this! I was away when you posted. I know you reviewed my book but didn’t know you posted, my apologies and gratitude. ❤

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      1. Lol, I see I was there, and I did share your post. But I was delighted to see more comments came in well after the post. Thank you. Yes, I’m working like a mad woman on the next one! 🙂

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  2. My last pair has already been resoled and has seen better days, but they are the most comfortable heels I own. 🙂
    I probably still have and occasionally wear most of the boots I have bought throughout my life – so I’ll bet I’ve got you both beat in the boot department.

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  3. Great review, Terri! One can always tell by the way a review is written if the reviewer really got into the book wholeheartedly. You truly did! I have read Debby’s books and enjoyed them all. This one is on my TBR LIST which is bursting but I will get to it one day soon. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes!

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    1. LOL, Robbie. Several times in my life I bought two pairs of the same shoe at the same time – both in the SAME color – black!

      I’m a big fan of 40’s style heels that are comfortable and in which you can actually walk all day without having to soak your feet all night (or looking like you are wearing orthopedics). When I’m lucky enough to find a pair, I know it could be years before I see another. I would have bought more, actually, but finding my size at all is never easy – so finding two is a miracle.

      My last pair has already been resoled and has seen better days, but they are the most comfortable heels I own. Better tattered than crippled!
      (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
      ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
      “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  4. Thank you so much Terri, for reading and reviewing here on your blog. Your review is so wonderful, I feel like I should be buying this book too! LOL. Thanks again. And I will be reblogging this glowing review soon! 🙂 🙂 ❤

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  5. This sounds like a fun book. I love to travel, although I usually don’t love the getting there or the getting home again parts. That was a great excerpt to tease us with!

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  6. Great review, Terri, of an author and blogging buddy I am curious about. I used to buy souvenirs in every country I visited (I am not a real shopper, though), but, since I don’t have a home, it soon became a bad idea to just leave everything packed on my parents’ attic. Now, we only buy useful souvenirs and take many photos.

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