Oops, What IS That?

What IS that? A lifeguard's focus is drawn away from the pool.

Oops! is the theme for this week’s photo challenge.

“What IS that?” the lifeguard seems to ask as his focus is drawn away from the pool by the weird shape in the foreground.

I took this photo a few summers ago and I must have caught the plant life in the foreground. But that does not excuse this lifeguard’s shifted focus and lackadaisical body language.

What IS that? A lifeguard's focus is drawn away from the pool.

I should have fired him.

Speaking of shifting focus, I barely caught my husband with my camera as he rode in for the jibe. Blurry, subject halfway out of the shot…a photographer’s nightmare.

Windsurfing Jibe
Camera barely captures this windsurfer’s jibe.

If you ever have the chance to watch windsurfers when it is super windy, they move FAST over the water. Just when you have the perfect shot lined up…poof, it’s gone!

Do you have some “oops” shots that you would like to share? Join the weekly photo challenge any time!

17 thoughts on “Oops, What IS That?

  1. Tons of ’em. Taking pictures of my kids playing soccer and baseball. Far too many of them involved the picture being taken right after the ball was kicked or right after the catch was made. Fortunately, with a digital camera, I could delete them. 😉

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  2. I especially love the first one. That ‘plant life’ looks like a shadow of a giant creature coming to gobble up the daydreaming lifeguard. And your hubby looks like quite the wind surfer. You two will have a blast

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