What IS that? A lifeguard's focus is drawn away from the pool.

Oops, What IS That?

Oops! is the theme for this week's photo challenge. "What IS that?" the lifeguard seems to ask as his focus is drawn away from the pool by the weird shape in the foreground. I took this photo a few summers ago and I must have caught the plant life in the foreground. But that does not …

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Five Tips for Water Safety: May is National Water Safety Month

The American River Parkway Foundation sponsors the Kids Don't Float Campaign on the Sacramento County waterways. See this previous post. Last year, in August 2014, a young man in our windsurf association club initiated this project on Sherman Island as part of his Eagle Scout project. Raising the funds to put this sign up and offer free use …

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lifeguard tower

Lifeguard Tower

On a trip to the beach on Coronado Island in San Diego, my brother and niece had a rare opportunity to stand in the lifeguard tower as an invitation from the lifeguard. Although I felt the lifeguard was still watching his water, I instinctively watched the beach right after taking this shot. Like I could …

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egg cups

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time? Seems that one-third of my photo gallery has photos with the color orange. Even my non-traditional wedding ring (second time around) sports an orange sapphire. Being a redhead, heaven forbid I wear bright orange, but I love the muted shades of rust, peach, salmon and even copper. These …

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Lifeguard to the Rescue

Have you ever rescued someone from a dangerous situation? Why, yes I have. I find it ironic that on my first official day of retirement, I am writing about an experience from my 30+ year career in recreation as an Aquatics Director. Saving lives, preventing accidents and training lifeguards was my life for many years. …

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