Poetry in Motion



This week’s photo challenge is all about motion.

Dog paddlin’ at Doggy Dip Day event where the dogs can go swimming. Paddling with his ball, he got photobombed by another happy dog!

Original image by Kimberly Glaster freelancerphotos4u.wordpress.com

The Joy of Running Together is a sculpture located in downtown Spokane, Washington. The work is comprised of 40 life-sized figures, all posed in the motion of running.

Joy of running together

At my university, a student takes a leap of faith off “The Dive” at the Peak Adventures Challenge Ropes Course.

Student jumping off “The Dive” at Roped course at Sacramento State University

15 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

  1. What amazing photos. Capturing motion through photography is so amazing, in which it the memories of the motion are in the form of stillness. Except for the statues, and as a runner, I lover this. Very, very clever!
    Thanks for sharing Terri! 🙂

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