Which Way ADA

Cee's Which Way Challenge completes at the end of September. To celebrate the end of this photo challenge, I submit these two photos from my last trip to Spokane, Washington. I titled the above photo "Which Way ADA" in honor of athletes with disabilities who compete in wheelchairs. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. The …

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Weekend Coffee Share: Family Whirlwind

If we were having coffee, I would tell you what a whirlwind two weeks I had. By the way, how would you like your coffee this morning? I’m taking mine hot, with my favorite Bailey’s (non-alcoholic) creamer. We celebrated Mother’s day weekend flanked by two weekends of windsurfing. I sailed three days in a row …

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Poetry in Motion

Motion This week's photo challenge is all about motion. Dog paddlin' at Doggy Dip Day event where the dogs can go swimming. Paddling with his ball, he got photobombed by another happy dog! The Joy of Running Together is a sculpture located in downtown Spokane, Washington. The work is comprised of 40 life-sized figures, all …

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