Frozen Autumn Leaf

Sunday Stills: December #Chill is in the Air

Today we welcome the first day of the last month of this decade! Traveling back from our Thanksgiving holiday road trip to Spokane Washington, we certainly got our fill of chilly weather! Wintery frost along Hwy 84 in Northern Oregon Chill December brings the sleet, blazing fire and Christmas treat.Sara Coleridge The icy twigs you …

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California palm trees weather the winter storm.

On Such a Winter’s Day

Winter storms seem to be everywhere in the US this weekend. If we were having coffee, I would get you a steaming mug of coffee or tea and tell you about my week. But since I have to keep it short today, I am going to just show you a photo of my California winter. …

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Auntie and Me

One Word Photo Challenge: Aunt

For almost one year, I have participated in the One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nicole Wells. My first posts were interpretations of a color. When the colors ran out, types of weather became the new challenge, many for which I had a hard time finding photos.  This next challenge, read here, is "people, …

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One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

Yeah, I know, another post about the California drought, yada yada. But, appropriately, drought is the subject of this week's One Word Photo Challenge hosted by the talented Jennifer Nichole Wells. My poor marigolds didn't quite make it. I even replanted their seeds, but no. Too hot, too dry. Here is our official watering schedule. …

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Monthly Photo Challenge: Dry June

The first half of the month of June has brought record heat and record rain. And record dryness as the drought continues to plague California. For Cardinal Guzman's Monthly Photo Challenge: The changing seasons, I am adding these photos. You can see that despite the vivid, green leaves on trees and plants, the grass is …

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Wet Dogs and Weather

As I prepare this post, it is actually raining (well, sprinkling)! Why does that matter? Our drought-ridden state is getting a nice drink of water thanks to an early season monsoon that moved up from Mexico. Summers in Sacramento are mostly dry (not humid, thank goodness) and mostly hot. Two days ago it was 102! …

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The Stormys of Our Lives

For Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge, this week's theme is "STORM." A couple of years ago when it actually rained in California (yes, there is a song) I took this photo with my phone while I was the passenger in my car. These are the kinds of thunderstorms that bring big hail and fat …

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Perspectives On: Boots and Sweaters

Finally!! It is cold enough in Northern California for me to wear my boots and sweaters. Oh, how I have missed you! Boot and sweater season here is mainly November through maybe Mid-March. It is a short season. Unlike "shorts" season which tends to be April-October, along with flips-flops or sandals. For the past five …

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