Sunday Stills: December #Chill is in the Air

Today we welcome the first day of the last month of this decade! Traveling back from our Thanksgiving holiday road trip to Spokane Washington, we certainly got our fill of chilly weather!

road to Spokane
Wintery frost along Hwy 84 in Northern Oregon

Chill December brings the sleet, blazing fire and Christmas treat.

Sara Coleridge
icy twigs

The icy twigs you see in the above image demonstrates the chill of a foggy, icy morning. Frozen fog…”frog”?

I am used to “cold” Northern California weather this time of year with average daytime temperatures holding at 50 degrees. Although it does not snow in Sacramento, the night-time temps easily drop to freezing for most of the month. I know many of you scoff at such warm winter temps, and you should!

Fewer than 90 miles away in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the ski season got off to a slow start. With an unusually warm fall and little rain, the slopes are just now singing their siren song after a winter storm hit the west.

snowy bough
Fresh snow graces this lovely bough

Technically, it is still Autumn until the Winter Solstice on December 21, but this poor leaf experienced the December chill a little early.

Frozen Autumn Leaf

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88 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: December #Chill is in the Air

  1. It’s been chilly here in Southern California as well, but we rarely get frost. So I’m really enjoying your gorgeous photos as I sit here in my house getting warmed by our furnace. How lucky we are to live in such times that we can enjoy the beauty of icy weather from the warmth of cozy homes.

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  7. Hi Terri – the leaf photo at the end is abstract and clear and has so much to explore. feels a bit creamsicle like – but also has the Sunday chill for sure –
    and the snow on the bough is perfect for a greeting card –
    but I also love the opening shots – highways int he US have a special mood and you captured a chilly time – and it was fun to sorta be with you on this trip (like when you prepping to go – not we get the retiring …))

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      1. Ice in roads is not cool. We have black ice in Virginia and last year I minimized it – thinking I was from buffalo I could endure – but it is unique and not like a blizzard – and now I respect and properly fear ice –

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  8. Those ice crystals are so beautiful! Having spent so many freezing winters in NYC, I don’t scoff at your “cold”! I think it’s similar to a Buenos Aires winter! Just what I’m looking for!

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  11. Lovely pics as always, Terri. I particularly like your icy twig photo. It’s like winter just hit the Sacramento area last week (finally!) with the long-awaited rains. It can’t possibly be winter until we light off the first burn pile. : )

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  13. Nothing like taking in a deep breath of chilly air on a cold day, Terri. These frosty, foggy, chilly days certainly make it feel festive, especially when you see people dressed up in hats, gloves, scarfs and a big, warm coat. Far better than the mild, rainy days, we often get at this time of the year.
    Here’s my take of Chill

    This was Austin taking a dip in the sea ice when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK for two weeks in March 2018.

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  14. Loved your pre-winter photos! I lived in northern california for over five decades and know so well that 50 degree temps in San Francisco are bone chilling cold. The winter has hit the Coachella Valley and all of a sudden we’ve gone from 80s to the 40s. You know the desert…cold in the morning, cold at night! I do love the change of seasons and never got much of it growing up in San Francisco.

    Thanks again for the wonderful photos!

    Susan Grace

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  20. Here, on the other side of “our” mountain, we’ve been having a steady onslaught of snow that, this morning, is mixed with rain.

    Here, on the other side of “our” mountain, we have been getting a stead onslaught of rain which is now turning to snow. I will try to jump in this week. Been too busy.

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    1. Thanks, Janis. We did look at some houses and almost made an offer. It was fun to learn more about the various neighborhoods. Plus we worked with a real estate agent and got pre-approved fine do find something…looking at some land on which to build. Glad you are staying warm in SD. It does get chilly and with this winter storm passing through, I imagine the Cuyamacas will get a bit of snow. We’ll have to try to meet for coffee while we’re there!

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  25. Looking at your photos, I’m getting chilly. We’d be lost without our electric heater in the camper this time of the year in Kentucky! We’ve had snow once and lots of rain, but in general, it’s hasn’t been too incredibly cold the last week. Although Maya’s outside drinking bowl froze a few times two weeks ago. Enjoy your time in the Pacific Northwest!

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    1. I think snow hit nationwide in most areas, Liesbet, glad you are staying warm! We are home now but winter hit our area hard with days of rain and lots of snow in the Sierras. We had a great time and even our 16 hour drive back home did not dim those fun memories!

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