Moon shot

Winter Solstice Moon

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, the solstice arrives one day before the full moon. I couldn't resist posting my full moon shot for Becky B's December Squares Challenge! Click on the link for her round-up of posts. Friday also marks the astronomical beginning …

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time for fitness

It’s #Time for Sunday Stills!

Oh boy, we are going to have a great time with the theme of TIME this week! A vague concept chosen on purpose with multiple meanings for everyone. Time for Fitness Do you allow time for fitness daily, weekly monthly, or…? I schedule it on my outlook calendar but I guilt myself into exercise enough …

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Spending time with our precious family

Wishing for More Time with Elderly Loved Ones

I recently led a discussion with my university students on the subject of aging and leisure and the physical and mental effects of aging on our bodies and on our society. When we age, of course our bodies naturally slow down. My students took a short, online assessment "How Long Will I Live?"  and had to …

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Gaps in Pacific Beach Pier yields a wondrous view

What Lies Beneath the Gap?

When walking, do you ever look down? Most of us look ahead to see where we are going, especially if we are sight-seeing. On a recent trip in San Diego, we strolled along Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. Something sea-green caught my eye as I looked down through the gaps in the planking, and saw this …

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Time for a game of boggle.

Game Time!

Got time for a game? Our leisure time should include games! Have you ever played Boggle? It is a fast-paced word game where players pick out words working against the clock. When my daughters were much younger and my mom was still able to travel, we would gather around the dining table and play several …

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Life. Time.

Time is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Depict TIME in a photograph. One of my jobs as a university educator is to teach students about the wise use of leisure time and to help them form a definition of leisure they can use over the course of their life time. They had to describe …

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Autumn leaf on wood shows it's splendor

Weekend Coffee Share: Autumn Edition

If we were having coffee, after a fun week of reading Halloween-themed blogs and posting a few of my own, I would tell you that it is nice to finally get into autumn mode. If we were having coffee I would offer you a wonderful pumpkin-spice flavored coffee, I found at Trader Joe’s. I add …

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Weekend Coffee Share: Making Room

If we were having coffee today, I would ask you this while I pour your favorite beverage: How is it only two months until Christmas? If we were having coffee, I would chat with you about making room—whether it is to make more room in a daily schedule or literally, creating a larger living space. …

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Editorial-Calendar Perspectives On Blog

What’s On My Editorial Calendar?

If you are a blogger with a busy life, you know how important it is to have some sort of calendar. In Blogging 201, we were recently assigned the task to use our blog stats to set up a 30-day editorial calendar. My stats show certain days are better for publishing posts. This may show different …

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Seven Summer Fitness Strategies

It is no secret that being physically fit prevents illness, keeps or gets us lean, and is ideal for overall health. Everyone has their own definition of fitness. Although May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, fitness should be an attainable goal all year long. The trouble with summer fitness is…it’s hot outside! Heat for …

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On Time and Spending it Well

How we spend our precious time cannot be more well said than what Karen has written in this post. She sums up the choices we make for our leisure time. Worth your time to read. This post is a great example of one that I encourage to be shared on my link-up at The Leisure Link.

Fill Your Own Glass

Ask a random sampling of people how their time is best spent, and chances are you will hear different responses.  One will tell you that it is the hour just before bedtime spent snuggling and reading with his children.  Another might say it is the days spent putting together the presentation guaranteed to land a big new client for her company.  Still another will vow that the stolen moments of solitude in the middle of a hectic week are the ones that matter most.  The wonderful thing is that each of these answers is the right one.

During the career driven years of my late twenties and early thirties I misled myself into believing that the countless evenings and weekends spent working were fulfilling.  I realized down the road that those extra hours at the office, far from enriching my life, were the very ones that were sucking the life…

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Clock time

Time Well Spent

In my bimonthly series, Leisurely Thursdays, I introduce concepts about leisure. This post is about a dreaded, four-letter word: TIME. As we begin to study recreation and leisure and as we examine the underpinnings of leisure and its history, we must identify what leisure is. One definition says that leisure is rest from work so …

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Leisure Connections, Stats and Stories

Connections. This word can conjure many meanings. In the blog world it means making and cultivating our connections with other bloggers, with which we have a connected community. We have work connections, family connections, and of course, our connections in leisure. I want to focus on the value of leisure. A previous daily prompt challenged …

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Number Sightings: A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time How often do you see this number? Does this number in the photo above jump out at you at random moments? The number can only appear twice daily on a digital clock, so the odds may be pretty good. I estimate that I see this exact number on my clock in …

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