Gaps in Pacific Beach Pier yields a wondrous view

When walking, do you ever look down? Most of us look ahead to see where we are going, especially if we are sight-seeing. On a recent trip in San Diego, we strolled along Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. Something sea-green caught my eye as I looked down through the gaps in the planking, and saw this sight. With the low tide and the light, the ocean was really this green!

As I rolled this idea of “gap” around in my mind, I admit that I have left some gaps in my blogging of late. March has been a busy month and my blogging has suffered. I have managed to continue with two posts each week and one of those is a photo challenge. The writing is slow to come forth. I was sick for almost two week, then our wi-fi was intermittent. Even with Spring Break, I still had to prepare lectures for the following week since we visited Yosemite for Easter weekend. My step-son is here so we have been enjoying a lot of leisure time! I shouldn’t complain, but these weeks have really flown by.

April proves to be another busy month as we begin the process of moving our trailer into our windsurf camp at the delta. I also have the distinct pleasure of participating in the Bloggers at Midlife Conference in Las Vegas in mid-April. I hope to draw more inspiration about writing and blogging and meet some amazing bloggers.

This photo is submitted for  “Gap”-Week 19 of the weekly photo challenge sponsored by Hugh’s Views and News. And thank you, Hugh, for hosting my blog all month on your sidebar as your featured blogger!


40 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath the Gap?

  1. No need to thank me, Terri, it’s been a real pleasure featuring you as my blog of the month.
    Thank you for participating in my weekly photo challenges as well. Being as busy as you’ve been, and sick, I’m honoured that you’ve participated. However, I really appreciate it.

    I do love the colour of that sea. It’s a great shot and perfect for this week’s challenge.

    Enjoy the blogging conference in Las Vegas. I hope you’ll tell us all about it on here. I look forward to reading about it (especially with our own Bloggers Bash coming up in London in June).

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      1. We’re already planning next year’s event. We’ve already got a guest list of 40 bloggers for this year’s event with another two months to go before the event. It will probably be held on the 2nd Saturday in June again.

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  2. What a beautiful green! I would call it emerald green. Beautiful! I’m sorry to hear you have been ill. I hope you are completely well now!! Enjoy your time with your step son and at the conference this month!

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  3. Wow how green the sea, great photo! Sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are feeling much better!! Enjoy your conference in Vegas, sounds like it should be very inspirational!! 🙂

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