The Wonders of the Public Pool

I have managed to combine three photo challenges into this one photograph. Summer in July finds children counting the minutes until their neighborhood public swimming pool opens for the day. Although I no longer oversee the daily operations of these pools, I do appreciate the lengths leisure professionals must go to to ensure clean, safe … Continue reading The Wonders of the Public Pool

Sunday Stills: #Aroma

While the U.S. celebrates Memorial Day this weekend (holiday observed Monday), my co-host Aixa at Mucho Spanish chose the theme “aroma” for the Sunday Stills photo challenge. Memorial Day weekend is the traditional “unofficial” kick-off to the summer season here in the Northern Hemisphere. I, myself, am at the Sacramento Delta for a long weekend … Continue reading Sunday Stills: #Aroma

Sunday Stills: #Recreational

This theme is right up this blog’s alley…that’s right, when you’re the host of a photo challenge, you get to pick them! I know you will love it though, since recreation and leisure are essential in our lives. I bet you find yourself participating in something recreational or leisurely every day. Why not share what … Continue reading Sunday Stills: #Recreational

A Peek at Creatures Great and Small

What is lurking just below the surface of the water? Why, a gigantic whale shark, of course. Would you like to play Peek -a-boo with the largest animal on planet Earth? C'mon, there's nothing to it! Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks on our vacation in Mexico in … Continue reading A Peek at Creatures Great and Small

#Summer Pool and Beach Style for Women over 50

One of my favorite fashion bloggers featured me and my water-sports' lifestyle on her blog this week. If you haven't met Jodie at Jodie's Touch of Style yet, please stop by and read her blog. Jodie tells readers "You may not love the idea of putting on a bathing suit or being seen in one, … Continue reading #Summer Pool and Beach Style for Women over 50

Danger Averted?

If you have known me very long, you might remember that I was the Aquatics Director for a parks and rec in my former day job. I lived and breathed water safety and still staunchly promote the benefits of being safe in and around the water. Although people play in the water with the best … Continue reading Danger Averted?

The ABCDs of Being Water Safe

This is the third and final part of my series for May is National Water Safety Month. Memorial Day Weekend in the United States heralds in the summer season. This three-day holiday weekend kicks off warm temperatures, family outings, BBQs, and of course, swimming and water recreation. Memorial Day Weekend also brings an increased risk … Continue reading The ABCDs of Being Water Safe

Boundaries of Leisure Provide Joy

Boundaries Fences around swimming pools provide security from the outside world, and ensure safety both inside and outside the fence. For dogs who get to swim once a year in a public swimming pool, the boundaries of a fence exist to provide a joy that knows no bounds! The lines are painted onto the bottom … Continue reading Boundaries of Leisure Provide Joy

Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

Muse What inspires you? What gets your blood pumping? Is it great food, good company or a task well-done? If you are a photographer or writer, amateur or pro, what is your muse for a beautiful photo or an insightful blog post or story? The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us this question. If you follow … Continue reading Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

Swimming Lessons: Helpful Hints for Parents

Summer is here and this is the time for families to register their children for swimming lessons. After 20+ years spent as an aquatics director and swim lesson instructor-trainer, let me share some ideas and tips to assist you with this important learning activity. Regardless of your child’s swimming ability, you can play a critical … Continue reading Swimming Lessons: Helpful Hints for Parents

Sunday Stills: Lifeguard On Duty

For Ed's Sunday Stills Challenge, the letter L is the theme this week. Since May is (still) National Water Safety Month, I thought I would post a photo of a LIFEGUARD. Education about water safety should be available all year round. If you want to read more about water safety, click here and here. Please feel … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Lifeguard On Duty

Why Inner City Kids Need Black Lifeguards

Swimming Pool Image by As the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday approaches, I want to discuss the subject of leisure as it relates to race. I spent many years as the aquatics director for a large urban recreation department recruiting lifeguards from varied ethnic backgrounds. The lack of African-American lifeguards serves as a … Continue reading Why Inner City Kids Need Black Lifeguards