Summer Pool or Beach Style by Jodie Filogomo

One of my favorite fashion bloggers featured me and my water-sports’ lifestyle on her blog this week. If you haven’t met Jodie at Jodie’s Touch of Style yet, please stop by and read her blog.

Jodie tells readers “You may not love the idea of putting on a bathing suit or being seen in one, but I do think we need to practice more body love instead of being so critical of ourselves. None of us are perfect, and it’d be too boring even if we were!! So let’s embrace our wonderful bodies as is!!

Even if you don’t go to the beach or pool regularly, I do think it’s nice to have at least one good fitting bathing suit in your wardrobe, for those just in case moments.”


Aero with me on SUP
Aero with me on SUP

You know me, I practically live in outdoor clothing. On Summer weekends while at the delta (our windsurf camp), you can catch me wearing something water-related. I think it is possible to be a little fashionable while enjoying the water.

Summer activities are often outside at the pool or beach. We are looking at beach style for women over 50 for a variety of activities.

What’s cool about Jodie’s blog is she shows fashion for women of different ages, 50s, 60s and 70s. Always appropriate and stylish!

Source: Beach Style for the Summer Or even Pool Style for Women over 50

16 thoughts on “#Summer Pool and Beach Style for Women over 50

  1. Well, what a fabulous surprise Terri!!
    I have to admit that you are incredible in your adventurous spirit of kayaking and paddle boarding, and windsurfing!! It’s been so fun learning these things about you! And thank you for kicking us our of our comfort zone!!

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  2. Can you believe I haven’t even worn a bathing suit this summer? In Sonoma County, we could sometimes wear shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon. Here in New Mexico, summer finally arrived for us, so we can wear lighter clothes, but… there is no water or beach for bikinis! 🙂

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  3. I put my bathing suit on once this summer when I took a dip in kiddie pool we set up for our grandsons. It was a hot day and was so refreshing. My suit is a few years old but timeless with it’s attached skirt. But Jodie’s fashion blog is fantastic and so inspiring. She almost makes me want to go buy a new swim suit. And seeing what great shape you are in, Terri, almost makes me want to do some outdoor sports. Key word: almost. 😉

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  4. Thank you for introducing us to Jodie’s fashion blog. I agree that respect for, and acceptance of, our own bodies is critical….and should be taught and encouraged from a very young age!

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  5. Great post Terri. And for sure, we should all have one good bathing suit for those times we can’t escape it, lol. Seriously, I’ve found certain brands I prefer as I got into my 50s. I like fashion but I also like good support at the bra and a little tummy taming never hurt anyone, lol. 🙂

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