Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

View from Shelter Island in San Diego looking toward downtown

What inspires you? What gets your blood pumping? Is it great food, good company or a task well-done? If you are a photographer or writer, amateur or pro, what is your muse for a beautiful photo or an insightful blog post or story?

The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us this question.

If you follow my blog, you know that wind and water are my twin muses. As an avid board sport enthusiast, wind and water attract me like a moth to flame, or a duck to water (wink). I also can’t get enough of pine covered mountains.

There is nothing like the inspiration of leisure to be the muse for many people. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of my favorite leisure spaces.

28 thoughts on “Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

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  3. Terri, how special and fitting to write that water and wind are your muses….Indeed, these parts of nature are your lifeblood and it shows in your writing and in your inspiration for it!
    Hmm, my muse? I think kindness…whenever I see an act of kindness around me, it makes me want to write about it…Oh, and also good food!
    Have a lovely rest of your Friday — it’s sunny and gorgeous here in NYC…Finally!!

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      1. Thanks Terri!
        Today we have rain and only 70 degrees here…Please send some of that sunshine here and I’ll send the rain out there!
        Have a super weekend and I’ll write something soon…It’s churning in my brain!

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