White is the theme for Ed’s Sunday Stills. The challenge? No clouds! Bummer.

Here is a photo of Mt.Shasta as seen from Highway 5 in Northern California, taken in late November.


19 thoughts on “Mt. Shasta: Sunday Stills

  1. This photo is perfect for the challenge! Snow feels like a long, distant memory in the summer but hmmm, it can’t be far away!!

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      1. I can imagine it’s hot hot hot! NYC is rather mild… Low 80s, high 70s…. Sending cool and crisp breezes your way, my friend!

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  2. Ah, so gorgeous. I love the mountains, but living in Minnesota doesn’t yield too many options for seeing them. Driving through The Rockies, though, is one of my favorite memories of spring break in March.

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  3. Hi Terri Webster Schrandt,
    Personally speaking, you write very well.
    I am fan of your blog, you always write very informative articles.
    Thanks for sharing again.

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