Human beings love their symbols. Creating symbols is how we deal with the abstract concepts that can’t always be explained in simple terms or words.

Leisure is one of those theoretical concepts that defy only one definition. For the weekly photo challenge, here are two symbols of leisure.

This first one of me shown after just falling off of my stand-up paddleboard, demonstrates the symbols of adventure and fun. Despite having a 60-minute paddle session on a less-than-glassy ocean, it was not perfect. I did not land my dismount! Regardless of my less than stellar finish, my huge grin should show the sheer fun and delight of a wonderful workout.

Symbol of Fun

This next photo shows college students climbing a wall during a class session. Many of these young people have never climbed before. The staff of Peak Adventures Challenge Ropes course use their team-building skills in leadership to provide a safe environment for learning a new leisure skill. The feelings of risk, the adventure and subsequent fun and satisfaction felt after trying to climb a wall are unmatched anywhere.


These are the places that leisure takes us. What are your symbols of leisure?

37 thoughts on “Symbols of Leisure

  1. Terri, I love the two symbols of leisure that you’ve chosen! Especially the one of you in the water with the huge grin on your face!! You go, girl!
    I’d say my symbol of leisure are my salsa shoes! They are worn, torn and have seen better days but they prove how much I love to dance!

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      1. Oh, I love to dance! I had done a guest blog for Silver Threading back in May about Mindful Dancing and also on my blog, I had written, almost a year ago, a post called “Hobby Hunter” about my first salsa dance lesson..I’d be honored if you’d read :-)))
        Thank you!

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      2. Lia, I did read this blog (been a while!) and I was just reminded of your excellent story-telling capabilities. I could see you walking in in your spandex with a little ‘tude ready to dance! Thanks for reminding me about that post!

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      3. Oh, thank you my friend!
        I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚
        And yes, after that first lesson, now I bring all my ‘tude to the dance floor, full-force!
        Have a great rest of your Friday night!

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  2. 1) Leisure for me is enjoying the view from my fabulous sun room while listening to a Taylor Swift concert, and 2) I love anything to do with Ghosts so a marathon of reality ghost stories/shows I always welcome too! I would love to try both of your activities though they both like fun! When I was young I used to water-ski daily and I loved that!! πŸ™‚

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  3. Running with my Saturday Sisters! We keep fit and catch up at the same time. I love the outdoors and love the pic of you in the beautiful water. I also love the fact that leisure can challenge us that is why I train for long fun runs it gives me a purpose and goal. Thanks Terri for sharing this post with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

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