What is lurking just below the surface of the water?

Whale shark also plays peek-a-boo

Why, a gigantic whale shark, of course. Would you like to play Peek -a-boo with the largest animal on planet Earth?

C’mon, there’s nothing to it! Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks on our vacation in Mexico in the Bay of La Paz. You can read more about my experience in What Swimming with Whale Sharks Taught Me.

As you can see by the photo below in my peek-a-boo with the whale shark, my presence didn’t even phase him. When I saw it, though, and knowing ahead of time what I would see, I still screamed into my snorkel because I didn’t think they would swim so close to the surface.

Terri peeks at a whale shark

Not convinced, huh? Maybe a smaller critter?

How about a game of peek-a-boo with nesting, feeding swallows? I must have taken 100 shots with my camera and barely got images that were not blurry.

Swallow nesting season

A swallow impatiently peeks from her nest waiting for her mate to bring some goodies. She appears not to be too disturbed by my presence.

If you are not able to contort your body under a bridge and wait for photo ops (because the swallows flit and dive crazily if disturbed), perhaps taking a quick peek at a hummingbird as it feeds is more your style. You’ve got to look fast, though, a few peeks is all you might get!

A quick peek under the eves you spot this hummer.

I suppose all creatures play peek-a-boo regardless of their size!

These photos help illustrate the theme PEEK for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Come take a peek at what other photographers shared this week.

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32 thoughts on “A Peek at Creatures Great and Small

  1. Swimming with a whale shark would have terrified me! I love the hummingbird photo. My husband and I often sit on our porch and wait for the hummingbirds to appear. I miss them in the winter.

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  2. Nice interpretation of the WordPress theme once again, Terri. I’d love to play peek-a-boo with a whale shark, while swimming, not while sailing as we did on our sailboat in the Pacific a few years ago, worried we’d hit him and sink our boat in the middle of nowhere. šŸ™‚ None of these creatures seem to mind your presence. I love it!

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  3. If I may make a observation Terri.With regards to your blurry pictures with the Whale Shark. Taking shots under water can be tricky.The light is cut down due to the water absorbing it. Which means if you have your camera on “Auto” (as most people do),the cameras brain readjusts the shutter speed/F stops to let more light in.Which means a longer exposure time & so the picture gets blurred.
    Bump your ISO up next time & make sure your shutter speed stays above 1/400th of a second,& when you take a picture be mindful of staying perfectly still.

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