Words and camera

Sunday Stills: Fun with #Photo-Editing

If you have ever uploaded an image to your media files for a blog post, no doubt you have edited the photo to some degree. Whether you cropped, adjusted exposure or watermarked your image for publication, there is a need and an art to photo-editing. Some are masters at creating a digital painting, while others …

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Coffee and the Art of Blogging

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you what a busy week this was for me. How do you like your coffee? I’m going with iced today, since we are still dealing with 90 degree days. Blogging 201 and Milestones If we were having coffee I would tell you that I just finished …

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The Social Side of Blogging

You started a blog. Congratulations, and I’m sorry. That is what we used to say to senior lifeguards who were promoted to Pool Manager for the first time. In other words, watch out what you wish for, because you may just get it! We start blogs for a thousand different reasons. Most of us want …

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Blogging is Serious Leisure

Perspectives On…the Serious Leisure Pursuit of Blogging

Last month, I asked the question “What is leisure?” in my October 10 post. We know that the concept of leisure can have a multitude of meanings, from free time from obligations, spare time, non-work, etc. Leisure has three important functions: relaxation, entertainment and personal development. A form of leisure that many people find themselves …

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