Tourists gather on the beach in Coronado

Sunday Stills: Who Are #Tourists?

The last week in June finds the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge exploring the theme "tourist." Summer in the Northern Hemisphere sees an abundance of tourists. We all think we know who tourists are, but did you know that YOU are a tourist? Any time you step out of your locale, you become a tourist. “Stop …

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College graduates walk at commencement

Sunday Stills: The #Future Is Ours

The future, the Sunday Stills theme this week, asks us to think about what this means to us. Nothing says “future” like a commencement ceremony. Recently I had the pleasure of attending the college graduation of one of my students (who was also a long-time employee of mine and one of my daughter’s best friends). …

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Backyard porch light illuminates delicate Fall leaves

Experimental Autumn Perspectives

For a photographer, perspective means everything. Many photographers have their specialties, whether it is landscapes, macros, portraits, street, action,...well, the list goes on. I don't feel I have a particular specialty, but my eye tends toward landscape and macro photography...and color! I prefer color but I appreciate the black and white images that I have …

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Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will. Quote by Vernon Howard

Do You Walk a Pedestrian Path?

When simply walking won't do! The word Pedestrian brings to mind someone walking along a path, sidewalk, or street. It also means “lacking inspiration or excitement; dull,” according to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. In my leisure perspective, pedestrians are also found hiking on trails, climbing a vertical wall, traversing a beam 40 feet up in the …

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The green bits in the terrazzo floor are crushed, recycled Heineken beer bottles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Floor is Made of Beer Bottles?

Yes! Heineken Beer bottles, in fact. Very beautiful when viewed up close! The WELL at Sacramento State University is the campus wellness and recreation facility. It was completed in Fall 2010 and boasts an array of recycled and Repurposed  features, earning the distinction of Gold level in LEED certification. From The WELL is turning LEED into …

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Windsurfing Jump

Ephemeral Leaps of Faith

Ephemeral Fleeting moments are captured in three images for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. A windsurfer lands a jump on the fin of the windsurf board. The camera barely captures this windsurfer as he quickly executes his jibe. A student makes her leap of faith 40 feet up from "The Dive" at Peak Adventures Challenge …

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