The future, the Sunday Stills theme this week, asks us to think about what this means to us. Nothing says “future” like a commencement ceremony.

Jubilant student graduates from University

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the college graduation of one of my students (who was also a long-time employee of mine and one of my daughter’s best friends). I also witnessed several students from previous classes walking toward their futures!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

The smile on her face (the one in the middle in the white glasses) says it all. Her future is exciting because she moves out of state to be with her husband who serves in the Air Force.

Students graduating from Sacramento State UniversityThe College of Health and Human Services at Sacramento State University, where I teach, had over 1200 bachelor and master candidates for graduation for Spring 2018 out of a university total of 6,600! Impressive when you consider this includes majors in recreation and parks, criminal justice, physical therapy, kinesiology, nursing, and social work.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare

These women and men are our future!

College graduates walk at commencement

Today’s theme was chosen by Hugh.

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What does “future” mean to you?



40 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: The #Future Is Ours

      1. I’ve actually seen your week in review. I need to adjust my WordPress notifications so I can be sure to see yours. When I took my break I disabled most of them. It is nice to be back and sharing photography and posts again!

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  1. Thanks for choosing another one of my themes for this week’s challenge, Terri. Your photos of what the future holds, got me thinking. I thought this was a rather tough challenge (why on earth did I even think of it?), but I finally came up with something. I’ll publish it and link back later in the week (while taking a break from getting my next book ready)!

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    1. I was happy to use the theme, Hugh. Please play along when you can. Due to several other bloggers’, I have been motivated to dive back into my book on fitness. Although it might be just a toe dip for now. Go get some work done on that book, can’t wait to read it!

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  2. Perfect photos of the theme, Terri. In Belgium graduating isn’t as elaborate as in the US. At least not when I received my diploma. I never had to wear the attire. 🙂 As a teacher, aren’t you allowed to every year’s graduation ceremonies? I don’t really know how that works. Maybe your university has way too many teachers to accommodate that?

    “Future” to me means tomorrow.

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  3. It is so beautiful to see young people, full of hope and promise, beginning their lives! And for you to have been a part of their getting to this point, is a wonderful feeling for you. Always the best posts, Terri!

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  5. I love this view of future! You captured the great moment perfectly! Great post, so hopeful, and beautiful at the same time.

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  6. Graduations are always meaningful for everyone attending. We celebrate the open future that awaits the graduates. (I guess I graduated here, I finally figured out how to post on the FWOC.)

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  7. Loved the Shakespeare quote Terri and your photos do capture the excitement and hope of these young graduates. What a wonderful and exciting time for them all. You captured the word ‘future’ perfectly. xx

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