Sac State student deftly walks the high ropes course at the Challenge Center.
Student deftly walks the high ropes course at the Challenge Center.

When simply walking won’t do!

The word Pedestrian brings to mind someone walking along a path, sidewalk, or street. It also means “lacking inspiration or excitement; dull,” according to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

In my leisure perspective, pedestrians are also found hiking on trails, climbing a vertical wall, traversing a beam 40 feet up in the air, or walking a thin tightrope over a lake, making their walking experience anything but dull and ordinary.

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will. Vernon Howard

Enjoy a gallery of images of my Sacramento State students participating in various experiential learning activities.

Walking around campus or any other location is always better with your favorite beverage.

Students walking through library breezeway
Spurred on by the promise of campus “Grumpy Mule” coffee, student pedestrians make their way to the library.

For more information on walking safely, read 11 Walking Safety Rules.

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will. Quote by Vernon Howard

Enjoy a walk today whether it is a leisurely stroll or a power walk to pump up your cardio routine!

35 thoughts on “Do You Walk a Pedestrian Path?

  1. GREAT Quote! And so true! Especially in retirement. Yesterday I learned that our public library has an arrangement with You can use your library card to access hours and hours of classes. Yep, you can learn pretty much anything if you just have an open mind. Today’s mission, learning a little more about InDesign. #nevertooold

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  2. I love the quote and the photo of the kids and the doggie! I prefer walking everywhere, if I could avoid using a car (or even a bike). At this current house sit, our fitness level is staying up to snuff (we both lost weight!), because of the altitude and because of three dog walks a day, in any weather! Happy walking, on campus, with the pups and everywhere else, Terri!

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  3. Good question. I have a tendency to trust my own voice and go where my own path leads. Being open to learning new skills and having new experiences keeps the pedestrian path at bay. Nice photos!

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      1. It hasn’t happened yet–the A/C repairman was coming, and then I started talking to my daughter when she got home from work (which was a good thing to do). Maybe I’ll do extra walking tomorrow!


  4. Terri, I’m not sure I could attempt any one of those experiential learning activities without a slight mishap – or rather, misstep! I’d probably end up a grumpy mule 🙂 Love the Vernon Howard quote. I’ve missed you, my friend. Hugs 💜

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    1. I hear ya there, Tina! This morning, our time, I will be out on the Challenge course with a class…I can’t climb because of a prior knee injury and my mostly healed hand isn’t ready for those activities. Oh well, someone has to take pictures! Very glad you are back in the blogosphere, my friend!

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      1. Glad to be back, Terri! Your body obviously has a message (or two) for you, beyond that of merely slowing down ~ one injury, yes (slow down) ~ two injuries, what is it I haven’t yet learned? Memories are stored in our DNA through many generations and multiple lifetimes. Regarding myself… I’m still working on this one! 🙂 ♥

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  5. I love to walk, Terri, and I have a route I walk repeatedly in my neighborhood. It has a section of high traffic so I’m on my toes watching for inattentive drivers, ready to jump in the ditch at a moment’s notice. Then there is a section of low traffic that meanders by the riverfront where I can take in the beauty of the change of seasons and relax, occasionally stopping to talk to someone who is out in their yard. My walk takes me through a graveyard where I can watch for newly upturned soil and an occasional conversation with a grave visitor. Yesterday I encountered some free range chickens in the graveyard and they chased me along threatening to peck at my legs! So even though it is the same route every time, there are so many interesting encounters along the way! As I write this comment, I realize I may need to write a whole blog post about it! Thanks for the inspiration, Terri.

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