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August Kayaking with Friends

Hello October! As spring ramps up in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m sure many folks can’t wait to get back to their favorite outdoor activities and hobbies. Here in the cold north, most of our outdoor sports and pastimes are ending or adjusting as the changing weather and cooler temps of Autumn close in.

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.

Phyllis McGinley
Fallen reflected leaves
In the gutter but still beautiful

Hiking, biking and walking are still doable in Northeastern Washington with cool sunny days, but colder nights dictate warmer clothes. My last day on the bike was in Sacramento in November 2020 when I visited the American River Bike Trail for the last time.

Autumn Bike Ride American River Bike Trail


Last week, my good friend and her fiancé visited here from Sacramento. We hiked around the area that included The Bowl and Pitcher and our local trails.

Make a commitment to having fun. See your best friends and make time for your hobbies and passions.

Robert Holden

Shopping/ Exploring

We visited GreenBluff, a farm area featuring over 60 local growers, wineries, breweries and other venues. Autumn is a great time to visit and purchase famous Washington apples while getting in the groove for harvest-themed activities and food, like pumpkin donuts and sparkling mead. Did I mention shopping is a legit hobby?


Last weekend while outdoor temperatures were still in the upper 70’s and low 80s (25-27 C), lines of vehicles drove down the main highway to get their last warm days of kayaking in. Although I did not get out on the water this time, I managed a few trips over the summer.

Kayaking on Little Spokane RiverAugust Kayaking Little Spokane River
The second image is the Painnt App Filter
August Kayaking with Friends
Kayaking with Friends
Kayaking Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ
Kayak Trio on Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ

More watercraft were out enjoying the late summer weather.

Other Hobbies

While many of us think about what defines a hobby, our blog and the photography that goes alongside the blog are year-round hobbies that engage us in many ways. From these, we get creative with poetry, writing, visual art and other fine arts that keep the creative juices flowing.


Of course, you know I’m all about photography. With mobile devices, snapping a pic is easy and provides hours of fun. Creating the blog signatures is also part of the fun!

I spent last week leaf-chasing. With my dogs leashed to my left arm and phone in my right hand, I found beautiful Autumn scenes within my own neighborhood and beyond.

Red Maple Close-Up
Bright Red Maple Close-Up

Many photographers experiment with filters, apps, and other creative measures to enhance their photos. I put some of my existing images through a mobile app called Painnt. Hope you enjoyed them throughout this post.

Learning a New Language

As of today, I have logged 673 days in a row learning German on Duolingo. I actually began in August 2019 but managed to accidentally skip a day. The streak before that was 50. You’d think with all these days logged I would know more. But given a decent context, I can understand some spoken words and read a variety of words. I can also correct some of my hubby’s German to a small extent, with his excuse being that I’m learning high German, LOL. Not bad for him speaking the language since birth. He also speaks Spanish fluently. I’m just relieved that I can speak English fluently 😉

Wildlife Watching

My love of the outdoors involves seeing as much wildlife as possible. So far in the Spokane/Nine Mile Falls area, I’ve seen a few bald eagles, two moose (while kayaking), heard the bugle cry of an elk late one night, and adorable flocks of quail. We see white-tailed and mule deer almost daily.

Flock of Quail
Quail family from 75 yards away


Volunteering is a wonderful hobby that benefits both the giver and the receiver. In our new community I have had several opportunities to volunteer. Over the summer, our church operated a free weekly day camp at a nearby school. My job was to help prepare 180 sack lunches every Wednesday. Two of the days were hot dog BBQs on site. This month, at our local nursery/farm (down the street!), we are volunteering each weekend as they host their annual Harvest Festival. Saturday was our first day and it was a blast, meeting neighbors, and just being out in the Autumn air. We are going to get some free trees for our efforts!

Yay for Photo Challenges!

Today I’m sharing this post for several other photo challenges including Becky B’s October Squares, where past meets present. In many of these images, I present “bright, trees, blue, lines, perspective, and time.”


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It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.

Agnes Repplier
Burnt or Blood Orange Pallet

I hope to see you next week for the Monthly Color Challenge! October is all about Burnt or Blood Orange with shades in between! Have a great week.

Please bear with me Sunday as I am away from the internet for a few hours while we volunteer for a local Harvest Festival, as I mentioned earlier. I will share about that next week!

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Sunday Stills: #Awakening of Leisure


Have the last few weeks of staying at home awakened something in you?

The dictionary describes awakening as a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something. The example? a rude awakening to the disagreeable facts. That about explains it!

Awakening can mean the revival of an old interest or trying a new hobby. Lately, most of us have plenty of time to explore some new interests or revive old ones.

We call this leisure. We might have too much right now. Oh darn.

Some folks have awakened their creativity with crafts and art projects. Since I was a teen, I have enjoyed sewing. My old machine finally gave up, so I will be looking for a new one soon. Maybe one that quilts and embroiders!

Over the years, I tried a variety of other crafts like scrapbooking, rug hooking, crochet, and something called yarn art or “tuck and cut.” Some long abandoned, as shown in the picture. Anyone remember macramé?


As a young adult, I painted and drew with pen and ink and oil pastels. Once the kids were born, I put most of those projects away. I dabbled in painting 11 years ago after I met my husband and created this for him. Acrylic on a water-eroded wood plank.

My interpretation of a windsurf sunset. Painted by me in 2009.

Others have spent more time in their own backyards gardening, lounging, and pruning, not necessarily in that order. Many of us have grabbed our lenses and taken a closer look at flowers, insects, and birds that inhabit our yards or have spent time organizing digital and hard-copy photos.

Sunflowers awaken a petal at a time.

lazy opening of sunflower petals

Still others are just experiencing the awakening of spring in the northern hemisphere after a long winter or enjoying the fall in the southern hemisphere.

Awakening of spring and bee

Perhaps you have awakened to the idea of exploring more writing projects or registering for an online education course.

Of course, every morning we awaken to a new day.

The difference a new day makes in our quest for change

Here in Northern California, dawn comes early (5:30am) I recently began a Biblical-based meditation series called soul space. The app directs you through a 5-minute meditation that begins the day quietly and calmly, just what I need to combat monkey-mind!

I just read that Sacramento County along with the San Francisco Bay area upgraded stay-at-home orders through May 22, with some re-opening of services and leisure spaces. The American River Bike Trail has been open during this time. When I need a workout, and to clear my head, a 60-minute bike ride works for me!

Biking along American River Bike Trail

What has awakened in you these past weeks as we continue to stay at home? Show us in photos, music, poetry, and stories.

Sharing for Jude’s Being Creative with Light and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I am pleased to share that we welcomed 8 new Sunday Stills participants in April. Please visit if you haven’t already. Backroads and Other Stories, Bellazaria, Easin’ Along, JP the Wide-Eyed Wanderer, Louis Dallara Photography, Stine Writing, Susan Rushton, and Transition of Thoughts.

My hope is we, as the resilient human beings that we are, will continue to enjoy and explore our newly awakened or revisited leisure pastimes!

TErri Signature

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Sunday Stills: Your Favorite #Sport or #Hobby

SUP session at the delta

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about showcasing your favorite sports and/or hobbies. Your images of sports might show others participating or yourself engaged in one. The same is true for your hobbies. Please share any image depicting doing what you love and engaging in leisure!

I will start you off with some of my examples.

Hobby 1: Gardening

Last teddy sunflower of the summer

Most of my summer was confined to my backyard due to foot surgery and lack of mobility afterward. Many of my photos featured my new-ish hobby of gardening, with great success in growing (yes, and bragging about) my two favorite flowers: plumeria and sunflowers.

I was so excited to grow the Tall Sungold or Teddy Bear from seeds this season, shown in the above image.

My sunflowers are just about done, but even as they go to seed there is still beauty and hope for the next season!

sunflower seed harvest

My hearty little plumeria plant is still blooming and I hope by next season that the other three plants will reveal their blooms.

Unexpected Plumeria blooms

Hobby 2: Photography

I take at least 200 photos a week and perhaps like you, I share a few on my blog and on Instagram and Facebook.

Since I am not yet interested in trying to sell my photos, freely sharing through these creative outlets simply makes me happy. I have enjoyed much positive feedback and encouragement about my photography (and I am sure you have, too)!

One day, I may print images on canvases and sell them in local craft fairs. But for now, these are a fun and creative outlets to help me enjoy my hobby.

I enjoy seeing the astounding photographic talents on Instagram and on WordPress from the fellow bloggers who link with Sunday Stills Photo Challenge each week.

Hobby 3: Writing

I have mostly finished the first draft of my next book, No Excuses Fitness. My daughter, an aerospace engineer and CrossFit enthusiast, is reading it with a critical eye and has already made some excellent suggestions and edits!


I would have never thought about self-publishing if it not been for my blog. I have met many self-published authors through blogging and am now a fan of their published works.

Hobby 4: Caring for my Dogs

Brodie swims for the stick

I don’t know if caring for my fur-babies counts as a hobby since I consider Aero and Brodie part of the family, but they do provide us with endless shenanigans and smiles!

At the Sacramento River Delta a few weekends ago, I enjoyed photographing Aero chasing a ball on the beach, while making sure Brodie chased sticks in the river. They know the word “delta” and stop in their tracks when I utter the word.

Aero the dog chases the ball on the beach

Sport 1 & 2: SUP and Windsurfing

When I met my husband 10 years ago, I had no idea my life would have ever been this exciting! His passion for windsurfing has opened unexpected doors to leisure pastimes I had never considered. He remembered I was athletic in high school, so it was natural for me to jump into windsurfing and stand-up paddling.

SUP session at the delta

I have not windsurfed at all this summer and I’m told there were many non-windy days. I prefer SUPing anyway!

The next evolution of board sports is foiling, giving board sports enthusiasts another way to enjoy these sports. Riding on this foil lifts the board out of the water and creates a smooth ride even on a light-wind day.

Windsurf foiling

Here, you can get an idea of the special board and the size of the foil.

Brodie keeps a watchful eye as his “dad” prepares to launch!

Brodie watching a windsurfer.

Hobby 5: Weekend Camping and Beyond

Truck and Trailer

We have had our travel trailer since spring 2018 and have made excellent use of it, by camping two summers in the delta at our windsurf club’s campground. Alas, the season ends this month and we move our trailer back to storage. However, we hope to camp with the trailer a couple of weekends this fall, perhaps driving north to Lake Siskiyou or to Lake Tahoe before it gets too cold.

We are repeating our winter road trip in late December into January as we head south to San Diego and into Arizona and Nevada. If you are new to my blog, you can read more about our travel travails from earlier this year!

Need some hobby inspiration? Check out Kaiser Permanente’s article on the benefits of having a hobby and enjoying leisure time.

I’m betting you will find a selection of images of sports and hobbies to share and I can’t wait to see what you come up with this week!

Go forth and enjoy your leisure time!

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Twisted Twitter

Yellow birds perch on twisted wire

Curved and straight lines appear in nature and in items made by humans. In the WordPress weekly photo challenge, those curved or Twisted lines are the theme for this week.

Yellow birds perch on twisted wire

In Hawaii last January, we encountered so many colorful birds! These two Saffron Finches were happily enjoying the sunshine. The one on the right really contorted to get those feathers preened just so!

Other twists are going on in the photo, too. Can you see them?

Drop by my Sunday Stills Photo Challenge page any time to add your photos and links to the fun! The June calendar is up, so start planning today!

Enjoy the start to your Memorial Day holiday weekend to those who celebrate.



Four New Years’ Resolutions to Forget

Gym Fitness

New Year's Resolve for Fitness

Being on the planet as long as I have, I see too often how New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Raise your hand if you have resolved to change something in the new year and have already broken it…c’mon raise your hand higher. I know mine is raised!

We make New Year’s resolutions out of good intentions motivated in part by guilt, media hype and eek! the mirror. I challenge you to forget four resolutions and be kinder to yourself this year. Who’s with me?

Do Not Join a Gym

Gym Fitness
Image by Scott Webb via Unsplash

What, you ask? Instead of gathering during tourist season and fighting for parking spaces this month, take more walks outside. If you have a dog, walk him—he needs exercise too.

For those living in cold winter regions where walking outside is out of the question, here are some ideas: dig through your old VHS or DVD collections and pull out a Pilates, yoga or Jazzercise workout. If you have cable or satellite TV, surf through stations to find a workout channel. Yoga is great because you can stretch, relax, and minimize tension.

For those who like surfing the net, check out workouts on You-tube. I found a 10-minute workout on Pinterest called the Victoria Secret Model workout. Don’t laugh, it’s pretty darn good. Mobile devices have free apps that you can download: 7 minutes is a good one. TRX suspension training also has a download for those of you who have TRX paraphernalia at home collecting dust.

Speaking of dust, pull your stationary bike or cardio machine out of the garage and start using it. If you feel that belonging to a gym is what you need, then by all means, go join or upgrade your membership. The New Years’ deals will be around for a few more weeks. If your gym is too crowded, consider going at times/days not in prime-time. Early morning workouts are great, because you can get it out of the way, shower and head to work. But make sure you commit to going.

Do Not Start a Diet

One of the common mistakes we make when starting diets is that we approach food as something NOT to eat or enjoy. Of course, we all need to eat more nutritious foods and cut down on calories. Rather than sink our money into diets that will stop working once we stop buying/eating the food, make a list of foods YOU do enjoy.

Diets that restrict calories or food groups are designed to fail. I don’t like Paleo because I enjoy grains like oatmeal and English muffins. I picked all the foods I love and simply eat less of them. No, it is not simple. I have struggled with 15-25 pounds for several years. Tricks like using a smaller plate, measuring out portions, eating smaller meals per day more often, or sitting down at the table and eating slowly can help you begin new eating habits.

Also, do not give up your favorite treats. Allow yourself a treat now and then so you do not feel deprived. If you are dieting and have a relapse, where the dish of ice cream or the bag of chips won, DO NOT give up! Start over at the next meal or the next day. And weigh yourself only ONCE a WEEK, preferably at the same time. All these diet tricks can be found online at Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, etc., without having to join.

Do Not Quit Smoking or Drinking

Why not? There is a caveat to this. If your health is at risk TODAY, and you smoke or overindulge in alcohol, or other addictive substances, then seek immediate help. Deep inside, you know what is best for you. Continuing these behaviors puts not just you and your health at risk, but the health of your family, friends and loved ones. Addiction is nothing to mess with.

Do seek outside help to quit smoking. If you are ready to quit, use the tools available, whether it is using nicotine gum or a patch to slowly and safely quit, or by contacting your medical professional. The idea is to quit slowly. Too many people resolve to quit an addictive behavior and try to do so, either on their own, or by attempting to quit cold-turkey. Again, using tools and quitting on your own is a good start, but most people cannot sustain it for very long.

Sure, we’ve all heard how Mr. Smith abruptly quit smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and was successful. Not everyone can do that. Most of us need help and guidance to stop addictive behaviors and substance use or abuse.

Do Not Start a New Hobby

Here again, is where we feel compelled to learn something new to feel more productive with our leisure time. Over our lives our interests change and evolve. Instead of learning a whole new skill like sewing or cooking, or attempting to play the guitar or learning a foreign language, make a list of skills and hobbies you already have tried. Perhaps you starting knitting 5 years ago and dumped the needles and yarn into your craft box (with other abandoned projects?).

Go shop your closet or garage to see what toys, hobbies, crafts, etc., may be lurking, ready to be used again!  I found a rug-hooking project that I started 30 years ago (to my shame). Yes, I had to You-tube how to hook the rug, but I finished it and felt pretty good about it! If you find an old project that you can re-try, many craft retail stores offer free classes where you can hone your skills and expand into new ones.

Speaking of classes, your local recreation and park department offers a variety of classes for all ages, in fitness, crafts, performing arts, martial arts, swim lessons, lap swimming, the list is endless! Most classes are inexpensive. By taking a class, you can be introduced to a new skill or hobby without putting too much money or effort into it. If you decide you do not want to continue, you can move on. Community colleges and libraries can also be good sources for free and inexpensive classes and programs.

So, yes, I tricked you. Start out your New Year with resolve, not resolutions.

If you want to change behavior or habits, do so slowly and with purpose. Ask for help. You do not have to walk this path alone. And do NOT try to set too many goals or make too many resolutions. Focus on one big item you want to change, and set another smaller goal for something else.

We all have barriers that prevent us from making small changes to our routine. Most of these barriers are of our choosing, and can be psychological or physical. If the top four resolutions don’t exist in your world, there are other things you can do to jazz up your routine. At work, see about changing your work schedule or the hours you work. Now is the time to ask about doing some work from home. If that isn’t allowed, rearrange items on your desk or in your office. Drive a new way to work, to school, to church. Better yet, take public transportation or ride your bike.

Change your perspective in some way. Choose a small, new step to making your New Year better.