Curved and straight lines appear in nature and in items made by humans. In the WordPress weekly photo challenge, those curved or Twisted lines are the theme for this week.

Yellow birds perch on twisted wire

In Hawaii last January, we encountered so many colorful birds! These two Saffron Finches were happily enjoying the sunshine. The one on the right really contorted to get those feathers preened just so!

Other twists are going on in the photo, too. Can you see them?

Drop by my Sunday Stills Photo Challenge page any time to add your photos and links to the fun! The June calendar is up, so start planning today!

Enjoy the start to your Memorial Day holiday weekend to those who celebrate.



30 thoughts on “Twisted Twitter

  1. Good photo for the theme. Lots of twisting going on there. It is indeed a plumeria, which will bloom first and then add leaves, a striking progression.

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  2. Hi, Terri – I’ve loved reading and seeing different bloggers and photographers take on the prompt “Twisted”. Your photo is an excellent choice (including how you’ve placed your watermark)!


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