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spring flower perspective
Mustard Flowers’ perspective of Antioch Bridge–Gateway to Sacramento River Delta
Wing Surfers
Two wing surfers enjoying the Sacramento River Delta

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30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Traveling Back to Delta Time

      1. I know!
        But there is such a beauty and different feel to a wordless Wednesday or silent Sunday post! They have value – but sure would be boring if that was all there was – 😉

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  1. So beautiful! I love your pictures of the delta! We’ve passed through Sacramento many times, including on our recent road trip to Southern California, but I admit I don’t know where this area is! Someday I’ll have to seek it out! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Susanne! I lived in Sacramento for almost 30 years until my out-of-town boyfriend introduced me to it. If you look for Rio Vista on the map, you will see the entire Sacramento River delta. Sherman Island at the confluence of the Sac and San Joaquin Rivers just south of Rio Vista and north of Antioch. It’s a fragile levee system and the State and other government agencies could easily eliminate the wind sports and recreation to preserve it.

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  2. I should say ‘I hope you have a great trip’, Terri. I hope you’ve had a great time while your brother and his partner visited.
    ‘Blasts from the past’ are always good to look at again, especially when they show a place we love so much.

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    1. Hi Hugh, I just took a short break while my brother and partner were here visiting Washington. Those pics are blasts from the past! But we are taking a long road trip south which includes the delta later this month. June is a great time for wind, so Hans should have a blast!

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