Please stay safe in and around the water this Memorial Day Weekend.

Lifeguard Training
image by Kimberly Washington
lifejackets for kids
Lifejacket loan program on Sacramento River beaches
May in National Water Safety Month

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Kids Don’t Float

    1. I’m glad you felt scared–that’s the right attitude for safety, LOL! I don’t hear of drownings here, but we did constantly in NorCal. My daughter told me Mountain View hit 93 degrees yesterday and that kind of heat will draw everyone to the public waterways over the weekend. Sadly I’m sure there will be a drowning or near-drowning 😦 It will be too cold here to go out on the lake, but hiking will work for me! Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Jacqui!


      1. I remember at a pool party–lots of adults watching lots of swimming kids–and my daughter went under so quietly, almost no one noticed. It happens that fast and that easily.

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  1. What a great idea – a life vest “loan” program. Too many kids drown here in Michigan too and Memorial Day Weekend, with 90 degrees, there will be at least one drowning and/or boating accident.

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    1. These are also set up by Boy Scouts for the Eagle program. I just saw on the Spokane news that another scout set up a life vest loan on the Spokane River. When we lived in Sacramento, the Parks Rangers worked with the Fire Dept to refill the vests as needed. So cool, hope everyone has a safe and smart Memorial Day weekend, Linda!

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      1. That’s such a great idea Terri. I heard the Sheriff say yesterday that if you don’t want to wear a vest/PFD, to at least wear a float belt. I had never heard of that. Good idea there as well.


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