In a few days, I am trading my city/suburban sidewalks for rural ones, as we make our way north to the Spokane, Washington area.

This week’s Sunday Stills theme is sidewalks, walkways, rural paths, etc! Join me for a walk down memory lane as I share some of my favorite walks.

One of my favorite views as I walk my dogs is this one below of a suburban street a few blocks from my current house of 32 years.

fall in the neighborhood
Last look at neighborhood street

My brother-in-law shot this of the first snow in October on his suburban street in Spokane Valley. Image credit to him. I’m asking for snowshoes this Christmas!

snowy suburban sidewalk

Luckily I don’t need them to “walk” in this miniature Christmas street display.

Christmas Village

The theme of City Sidewalks reminds me of Christmas and the beautiful Christmas song, Silver Bells. My favorite rendition of the song is by Anne Murray.

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style
In the air, there’s a feeling of Christmas”

Last Sunday, hubby and I had to leave the house so the inspector could do his thing, and parked on the street that leads to the American River Bike Trail. A beautiful Autumn day in Sacramento!

Road to Bike Trail

Taking a more general approach to the theme, I’m sharing galleries of sidewalks, paths, and walkways I’ve collected on my walks.

Campus Memories

Last Wednesday was my last time to walk on the university campus where I have taught for the last 10 years. I met our department chair to turn in my building and office keys. Having not been on campus for months due to Covid, I felt slightly cheated for missing these views this semester.

Memories of Sidewalks and Pathways Gone By

This is one of my favorite photographs taken in 2014 in Lake Tahoe. We walked down this stairway to the beach on the north shore. I turned and looked back and caught this image. I believe this was a defining moment when I became a photographer.

a long walk up from Lake Tahoe shore
Long Walk Up

Here is another gallery of previous photos taken on walks in San Diego, the Sacramento River Delta, Sedona, Spokane, and Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this image of my hubby in his green bike helmet looking toward Yosemite Falls. Have I mentioned I have been to Yosemite National Park 26 times so far?

walking path to Yosemite Falls
Path to Yosemite Falls

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

John Muir

On my walks, I see many types of birds. Frequently seen in my own neighborhood are mockingbirds, mourning doves, and robins. Bluejays are also everywhere as pictured below (on my backyard feeder). Shared for Lisa’s Bird Weekly: Birds beginning with “B.”

Blue jay contorts to get some yummy treats!
Blue jay contorts to get some yummy treats!

One day this week, we took a break from packing the POD to visit my dad and step-mom 45 miles away in the Sierra foothills. A long dirt road to my dad’s house up the hill. I’m not sure when I will be back to see this again.

Western States trail
Walking up Turkey Hill Road in Foresthill, CA

As winter sets in, we drive north to Washington in a few days.

Winter Scene Spokane

For this California native, I will enjoy and embrace my new paths in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for walking down memory lane with me this week. Images in this post are submitted for the following photo challenges:

I look forward to your interpretations of City Sidewalks this week!

shoe graphic

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96 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: City #Sidewalks

      1. Good for you. When we moved to Hawaii, we had a big garage sale when the house sale was done and dusted. After we sold all our stuff, there was a last minute glitch in the buyers’ financing and we were left sitting in a house with no furniture for several days until things got straightened out!

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      2. Wow, crazy, Graham! Our biggest issue is tracking when snow will fall and leave from here under best circumstances. We may have to leave a couple days earlier. I have a 4w drive but Hans will need to put chains on his Ford. We planned so we wouldn’t be towing anything. It’s snowing in Spokane no matter what day we leave.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow terri, what a treasure trove of memories you take with you! Aren’t you glad you’ve been a prolific photographer these many years? Now it’s time to make a book of your California images – it would be a great gift for your husband this holiday!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Terri,
    You’re almost there! Thanks for sharing your neighborhood and your campus with us. Having children that live in California, I know what it’s like right now, and it can’t be fun. Speaking of fun, my contribution this week is an image of two young boys enjoying themselves. They took a short detour to one side of a downtown sidewalk. Have a great week!

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  3. Your memories are similar to mine. Our son lives right off the American River road you pictured. I’ve hiked some of the trails in Yosemite. Your pictures, however are totally fabulous. I love the blue stairs that started you on the path to photography. Don’t forget some Ugg -type boots, not leather soled I about froze my feet off in Colorado Springs our first winter because my Oregon boots were leather. I’m hoping to get some city sidewalks tonight. I could use some of Vince’s. We went to downtown Prescott this afternoon to stop in at a cheesecake hole in the wall restaurant. It was fabulous and the waitress’ name was Marsha. )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are already having so much fun in Prescott, Marsha! My brother and partner went to tree lighting in Mesa last night. I feel like the only one not celebrating Christmas 😕. Hans can’t win with me today as we pack. He still has so much crap, it’s unbelievable 😳 His windsurf boards and our outdoor furniture have to be stored in our storage unit here. And I definitely have the right shoes and boots at the ready! I look forward to your city sidewalks, maybe they’ll be festive. My last SS challenge next week is lights, so grab a few of those too. Enjoy your December festivities, I’m jealous but so happy for you!!


      1. Well we didn’t go last night, so I’m hoping we can force ourselves out tonight. It’s so hard to leave warm and cozy to go look at cold – even in the car. We sat around and drank hot chocolate and visited.

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  4. So sorry to arrive here so late, Terri. I had a phone call from England to say that my stepbrother had died unexpectedly and it’s turned me upside down. Only in his 60s. A heart attack. I did read your lovely offering but I will need to go over it again for it to register. I was in the process of putting together a Monday walk but not sure when I’ll be able to publish now. Many thanks and have a lovely festive season xxx

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  5. I love this post, Terri – such beautiful streetscapes and autumn scenes. In Australia, we never use the term “sidewalks” – we call them footpaths. It looks like you’re going from one incredibly beautiful place to another. Toni xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I expect that by now you may well be on your way to the Northwest, Terri. This is such a lovely post to finish your time living in California. I do hope Santa brings you your snowshoes and that you have a white Christmas.

    And I can see why that photo made you become a photographer. I think we probably all have one of those, although I can’t think what mine is. I’ll have to have a good look.

    And here is one of Toby’s and Austin’s favourite walks.

    They especially like it when it snows.

    Best wishes on the move, Terri.

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  7. Gorgeous photos this week in your Sunday Stills. I love Anne Murray and her Silver Bells is one of the best versions ever! I love the village. I’ve been working on mine “off and on” for about a week. I’ll take some shots of it when it is finished and I have time to write a blog again. NIce pic of the Blue Jay! 🙂


  8. Wonderful shots and memories, Terri. And, I love that John Muir quote. Actually, I live by it. 🙂 Wow. This is it, huh!? You are gone from Sacramento… And, your job at the university is finished. What a life-defining moment and change. And such a perfect theme to transition from one state to the other. Happy travels. Or, happy arrivals! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Liesbet! Still in Sacramento a couple of more days. Trying to leave Saturday. If I had lived a life like yours, I wouldn’t have so much to pack, LOL! I found out today our house may be ready sooner than later, keeping fingers crossed.

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